Review: John Lowe’s Darts Arcade

John Lowe’s Darts Arcade comes equipped with 10 mini games, Spiral, Honeycomb, Heroes & Villains, Stone Face, Trapped, On The Wire, Burst, Sweet & Sour, Reveal and Smack A Bull.

So, who’s John Lowe firstly as many into their gaming apps may not be too familiar – Here is a man that many regard as the greatest darts player of all time who blessed many a front room television back in the 1970’s and 1980’s alongside names such as Jockie Wilson, Eric Bristow and Bobby George. Darts was a big part of TV sporting entertainment a generation or two back and remains so today – John Lowe during his career was three times champion of the world alongside a further 1,000 other titles worldwide, many will know him for being the first player in history to score a perfect 9 dart finish live on television:

Now the game is free and only available on iOS devices 8.0 or later, it will take up 105mb and was developed by Bubble Creations Ltd.
It has received a 4.9 out of 5 on the app store with the latest review coming from the 7th of may 2017.

The games are varied though rather repetitive in as much that they require flicking action across your touch screen in order to throw darts at targets which if you land on them, you burst balloons / hit cattle heads / strike out segments covering a picture etc.

john lowe darts game balloons

There are gifts you can win directly from John Lowe from playing the game, such as signed items (not sure what they are precisely).

You are always given 1 minute to finish one of the mini games but some of them can take no longer than 5-10 seconds,

The games aren’t horrible some of them are very basic and some of them are fun for a couple of goes but it will get boring pretty fast, it doesn’t really have anything special to offer, unless your a darts fan or a John Lowe’s fan, you won’t have this game downloaded for long.

I would give it a 2.4 out of 5

It does contain Ads and In-App Purchases, but it’s up to you whether you want to spend any money on the game

To download the game search for Jon Lowe darts on the App store:


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