Raising The Alarm: Tech That Keeps Healthcare Workers Safe

Some healthcare workers face many different dangers when performing their duties. That is especially the case if they work with violent and aggressive patients. Many people working with young people or in care homes for dementia will understand those risks. Thankfully, most employers are now smart enough to use technology to keep them safe. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at just some of the devices you can expect to encounter. Whether you’re starting a care company or switching careers, you must make sure all staff is safe at all times.

Personal alarms

The first and most important piece of technology is the personal alarm. All health workers facing dangerous environments should keep them in their pockets. They are often linked to a central system, and so alarms will sound all over the building if someone finds themselves in trouble. Most are small enough to fit into the individual’s pocket, and so nobody should find themselves trapped with a patient for long. Some products just let out a loud noise from a speaker on the device. Those items aren’t as popular because the aggressive patient will know the team member called for help. Silent alarms that trigger noises elsewhere are always preferable.



Emergency nurse call systems

When you work in a care home, you should notice nurse call systems in all the bedrooms. While service users can make use of the device, it’s designed for staff. Again, the gadget usually has an emergency button people can press. The idea is that all other team members will come running when they hear that sound. The nurse call devices are durable and designed to work in the harshest environments. So, it doesn’t matter if a patient tries to break them using liquids or something like that. They should be waterproof. A manufacturer of membrane keyboards highlighted how many of their products are used for that application. That is because they are designed to keep working in any condition.



Coded door locking systems

Coded door locking systems are in place for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they stop ill people from being able to escape the building and go missing. Secondly, they can offer some degree of protection for staff. For example, workers place themselves behind a locked door if someone is too violent. They can also use them to keep the individual in a particular part of the building and stop them from aggravating other residents or patients. Of course, sensible business owners will change the combinations every couple of weeks. Just because someone has dementia, that doesn’t mean they’re not smart. Patients who learn the combinations could cause a lot of hassle.

Now you know about some of the tech keeping care workers safe, we hope you feel a little more relaxed. If you’re starting a business, you’ll need to invest in these devices straight away. If you’re going to work in a care home, you should ask your employer about them as soon as possible. At the end of the day, ill people can become unpredictable. So, it’s vital that everyone uses the latest tech to keep themselves, and their patients safe.



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