Saving Money When You Work From Home

A lot of us have spent the past year working from home, and many of us will continue to do so even after the pandemic eases. Working from home has its benefits, and one of which is being able to save money. But is there more money you could be saving?

Take a look at some of the following ways to save money when you work from home.

Prep some tasty lunches

If you were used to eating out every day at work pre-COVID, the chances are your weekly food spend was significant. A lot of it was probably unhealthy too! Being at home gives you the chance to enjoy a healthy lunch every day, with the chance to make it yourself. Check out some healthy budget lunch ideas to make yourself at home and enjoy the extra savings in your bank balance, and your waistline!

Cut your phone bill

Have you taken a look at your data spend recently? There’s a good chance that you’re barely using any data compared to when you were commuting and on the move more. If you’re going to continue working at home and using your WIFI, could it be the perfect opportunity to switch your phone contract? By comparing the best Pay As You Go SIMs, you can find yourself a much better deal. Mobile phones can be a huge expense, so this could be a good way to save each month.

Consider trading in your car

Has working from home had an impact on how much you drive? While most trips have been ruled out recently, commuting can be a significant part of your car’s running cost, and you may find you could give up your car altogether to save some money. In households with multiple cars, switching to a single car means you’ll still be able to get around, but you’ll slash your monthly outgoings in the process.

If you decide you still need a car, perhaps you could switch to a cheaper model or haggle on your insurance to help you reduce your costs.

Ditch the gym for good

Many people are members of gyms that are close to their workplace. This provides flexibility, making it easier for you to work out. But if you’re no longer going to the office, is there a point in keeping your membership going? Doing home workouts or making a gym in your home can help you save money while still keeping fit. With your ‘gym’ now literally on your doorstep, you won’t have any excuses for skipping your workout.

Working from home provides you with the perfect opportunity to save some money. From saving on habits such as daily takeaway coffees, to cutting your commuting costs, you have the chance to clear your debts, reach your savings goals and even fund your business startup. Will working from home save you money? Start calculating the different ways you can save.


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