Selling your car? How to handle the marketing

The internet has brought significant shifts in how cars are marketed. Today, clients walk into a deal knowing very well how the vehicle compares against other competitors, and they also have information concerning the most reasonable price range. The hurdle is proving to the client how the car you wish to sell fits into their lifestyle. Wise marketing can assist you to reach potential clients before they even knock on your office.

Social Media


Social media platforms offer a good way to link with potential clients and form a lasting relationship. Facebook pages and Twitter Feeds alerts consumers about new stock; remember to promise an incentive to your visitors. A blog is another effective way of linking up with potential clients. Blog posts assist the reader to get a clear picture of what they will be doing, which helps to build trust. Social networking sites offer a good opportunity for the seller to answer some questions without necessarily making the buyer feel obligated. Moreover, the salesperson will be marketing his credibility and personality online; this will drive clients into your office to see the vehicle in person.

Use External Services


There are plenty of online services which can handle marketing for you. They share your vehicles on their social media channels and large email lists, which can give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience. For example AutoVolo, an intriguing new service, utilises their position in the market to advertise your vehicle to more than 7000 dealers across the UK. Ultimately this will increase the chances of selling your car quickly.

Use Technology


Some sellers use virtual reality to give clients a 3-D view of the vehicles without the customers having to physically see the car. The sellers send Google Cardboards to potential clients who might be far from where they reside. Using the cardboards, potential clients can get a link to a 3-D video that showcases the car.



A video walk around is a cheap way of showcasing your car. All you require is a video recorder or a webcam and a salesperson who understands the car’s attributes: they must be comfortable and eloquent in front of the camera. Potential customers will watch the short video clip to understand more about the vehicle while the salesperson builds on their chances to gain new clients.


Try to rotate your best salespeople to offer them an equal chance to build their sale pitches and to notice who of them has the best conversion rates. Post the clips on your website, on YouTube, and on social networking platforms. Do not forget to post how-to videos as well. Videos such as how to change your oil and winter driving skills can draw in more potential clients.


Indeed, vehicle marketing ideas need to encompass more than just doing email marketing, developing artistic websites, and harnessing the power of social media even though these strategies have their place. Getting very creative in coming up with a marketing strategy for selling your car is key.



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