How Social Media Marketing Surveys Can Get You Closer to Your Customers

Many companies have not yet detected that their customers spend much of the day reviewing their social networks, so why not, for example, do a survey on Facebook and use these types of platforms to conduct market research?

The Importance of Social Media Surveys

Social networks are online communities of people who normally share a common interest or activity. They provide different ways for users to interact with each other: Blogs, email, instant messaging or news contain information of the taste of network users. That’s why creating a survey or quiz for social media is a good option learn more about the customers.

There is information with valuable content that is shared every day, every second. You just have to take into account that you can encounter a huge audience that may not answer your survey, or that is not a representative audience of the people you want to reach. In addition, sampling through social media ads can be expensive, depending on the details of the study.

The Right Tools

There are many useful tools that offer the necessary resources to easily create and distribute a quiz for Facebook and other social networks. You can publish, for example, a survey with open questions where people express themselves openly; using their own words or you can conduct a study to know the motivations or needs of the consumers. You can also make your own quiz which will be funnier and more appealing for your target audience to take part in.

If you make a quiz relating to your product or service you will not only receive valuable feedback from your customers but it’s also more likely that they will take part in it. People are very familiar with Facebook so they would rather answer a survey there than go to a different site. At the same time, if the survey has been shaped in the form of a quiz, it will be much more interesting for the client. You can select from different templates of already made quizzes and then customize them accordingly to tailor them to the type of feedback you seek.

Sharing Your Quizzes

If you have a page you can ask your followers or customers to give you their comments and offer other channels to continue expressing their opinion of your brand, product or service.

Creating a status update to accompany the survey link and sharing it with all your followers would be the first step. With these tools you have access to a series of questions to create the surveys you need. Take your time and create a survey according to the users of each social network. I assure you that you will find information in the survey answers that will help your research and make better decisions for the business, in the long run, improving and personalising your customer services.

Using Social Media Ads

Using social media ads, you can share your survey to a specific audience in a massive way. Do not forget that an important part of this process is that they answer your survey, so do not forget to make funny, clear surveys and quizzes. You could also include some offer or promotion, an incentive that motivates the participation of the respondents to your survey.


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