Share on Twitter – how to do it.

Sharing is an essential part of the social media experience.

We all know that self promotion is not the way to win friends and influence people on twitter. No one wants to see endless texts saying: ‘Read my book, it’s great’ Why would that ever encourage anyone to take action? Yet tweeters persist. How to share on twitter is a skill. Leadamo Academy investigates.

The great thing about being in a social media community is what you discover.

When you build trusted networks you know that tweets you see are often going to be highly relevant. It’s a little like beach combing, you never know what might turn up each time the tide turns. You might actually come back with something very curious, exciting or even valuable. Therefore it’s worth thinking about what you share on twitter.

The brand new Leadamo application can help you time your tweets.

it can make sure you engage, inform and share but how you share is  the skill we all need to master. This blog will give you some top tips to consider when you want to share on twitter..

Leadamo’s Philosophical Guide regarding how to share on twitter


  1. Ask yourself the following question: Is a retweet or share going to be relevant to my community? Am I adding something pertinent or is it the equivalent of opening a sandwich and dropping the packaging over the floor? No one wants to see that and it’s basically anti social. One of my contacts re-tweeted the flight details I had sent to the person who was meeting me at the airport! Why? What relevance does it have? It clutters up the place and frankly it feels wrong. Don’t do it! It’s pointless and a bit weird too!
  2. In the US the average person consumes around 100 000 words a day.  Lucky this doesn’t lead to obesity! Bearing that in mind be careful what you share. Make those content calories count!
  3. Consider your reaction to a tweet and use that as a gauge. Things don’t always have to be serious. Something funny will brighten up someone’s day. Maybe it’s a post that promotes compassion, anger, a sense of the ridiculous, irony or a ‘uh huh I recognise that behaviour’ but it should prompt a reaction. If it doesn’t, no one will click and you’ll be back to the litter problem!
  4. We talk about quality content and that stretches to your shares too.  So think about what will induce your community to share. Think provocative in every way! Also think decent and legal too!
  5. Consider whether you’ll get a share. How might you know? Have you ever looked at who shares what, when and why? With a little concerted effort you’ll see the kinds of things that work. People share not only to be generous but to promote themselves indirectly. How? Well think how cool, hip, intelligent and knowledgeable a tweet that gets shared makes you look. Ha! What does this do? It builds your personal brand. You might even think about what people share rather than just what you need to target. It does make sense.
  6. Consider whether you would email a link to a friend. No? Why not? One test you can build in is asking yourself whether any of your friends would find your share relevant. Would it reflect well or badly on you? Sometimes we need to pull back and start thinking about individuals before sharing to all and sundry just for the sake of sharing.
  7. Google Hummingbird algorithm changes put so much emphasis on quality content. As twitter users we should be doing exactly the same. If we all started policing our own share strategies, social networks would become even more useful and relevant than they are already. Remember, less can sometimes be so much more.
  8. To help you have more thinking time and less panic sharing that might potentially damage your brand sign up to become a Leadamo beta tester today!


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