Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos.

In this blog you will learn how to automatically post your Instagram masterpieces to your Twitter feed as opposed to just an Instagram link.

As you’re probably aware Tweets with images get a much higher engagement rate for those Tweets without and so this is well worth adding to your Twitter marketing.

So let’s show you how to enable this using the If Then This That (IFTTT) app.

  • – Head over to and create an account.
  • – Click on My Recipes and Create a Recipe


  • – Now search for “instagram native photos”


  • – Select the recipe called “Share your Instagram pics as native Twitter photos”
  • – Or you can simply click this link which will take you directly to the recipe


  • – Once you have the Recipe simply click on Add


  • – Finally click on Done and you are good to go.


  • – So now what will happen is that when you post a photo within Instagram it will automatically get posted to Twitter just like in the example below. The Tweet below was created automatically by IFTTT and the image added.



Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and we hope you found it useful.

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