Twitter Analytics.

So we all use Twitter right? We’re guessing so since you’re reading this blog..

If the answer is yes but you’re not too sure which was your most successful tweet or how many mentions you got last month then you are in luck!

Twitter has some built in analytics for you and best of all it’s free!

All you need to do is head over to and you can check out your stats in neat monthly chunks and can see;

  • – Tweets
  • – Tweet Impressions*
  • – Profile Visits
  • – Mentions
  • – Followers


* Tweet impressions are the number of times a Tweet is viewed by anyone on Twitter web and Android or iOS apps, including logged-out users and so is a very powerful stat for you to see.

From the stats you can see at a glance which are your most successful tweets within the month for;

  • – Top Tweet
  • – Top Mention
  • – Top Follower
  • – Top Media Tweet

Twitter Stats 291015-2

On top of this Twitter also provides you with analytics per tweet which you can also access on the move by simply clicking on the small graph icon at the bottom of your tweet.


Once you click into the graph you get to all of the stats associated with this tweet


If you want to delve deeper into your Twitter analytics then check out the next blog post which will be looking into your Twitter Audience insights which gives more detailed analytics on who your followers are which might help you in any future marketing campaigns.

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