Sharing is Caring. Watch what and how do you share!

 Social Media is about networking and sharing. Sounds obvious. Simple, you would say. But let just ask yourself What are you sharing? Maybe better How do you share things? 

Let me show you few things you should do before and while sharing. Making this simple things you will show respect to your followers, no matter its on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

1. Check what do you share!

I’m not gonna say that you should read article you share (of course if you did that – perfect). Sometimes you want to share something you will read later or just want to share because you think its useful. But wait! How do you know its useful? How do you know if someone (even trusted personality) doesn’t have virus or hacked account? Click and scan it first! Maybe its totally crappy article or virus. Especially when you won’t be available online to delete your shared post.

2. Include source of your post on Twitter if you’re not an author

When we sharing on Facebook or Google+ there will be generated thumbnail and we will see full link and what page it is. On Twitter where we’re using link shorteners, we don’t know what we can expect when there is no surce! So start adding ‘via @username’ or ‘by username’ or ‘RT @username:’ tags. You will se there are two main advantages: 

  • People will more likely to click when they see source.
  • Author of this post will get notification you shared this and will thank you and even reshare!

But remember about this even pushing “Tweet this!” button, some pages don’t adding source, take few seconds more and find the name of author if its possible (sometimes is not). If you have blog remember to add your source to sharing buttons (there is such option in settings).

3. Turn off email notifications when sharing to circles on Google+

If you are adding people on Google+ to circles and sharing to them (I prefer adding people which I don’t know as following and share to “Public”) please turn off email notifications! Its better to share Public post if you don’t know this people. I’m writting this because some of people who are in LOT of circles are just pissed of getting hundreds of notifications and mails! You can read request on Google+ here!

Its simple, if you are sharing to people who don’t know you, why they should want to get email notification from you? Simple check out send email to…

4. The last one but not least, learn how to use hashtags!

Using hashtags isn’t really so hard. Try to keep this simple rules. Using hashtags in different social media is just different. But simply its like that:

  • Twitter: Use up to 3 hashtags and try to place them at the end of tweet or just before link. You can put some hashtags in the beginning or in the middle of course if you want to. But try to not share something like this: #this #is #my #super #cool #tweet – link. Please! Its hard to read. And one more thing – use correct hashtags. I don’t want to see tweet about cookies while searching #tech.
  • Facebook: Also try to put hashtags at the end. First write in human language what you want to write and then add tags. Tags are for search engines mainly! Maybe sometimes for fun, but if you are proffesional person and I see this kind of post – you look silly.
  • Google+: Similar to Facebook + you have tags autocomplete and even when you didn’t put hashtags Google+ will do it for you (one main hashtag).
  • Instagram: Here you have more freedom. I’m looking at your picture mainly, not your hashtags, so feel free to use lot of them!
  • Tumblr: Tumblr made one great thing, separated hashtags from post. Also feel free to add more but correctly used tags 😉
  • PinterestHmm, I think using tags are correct but they aren’t so important like on Instagram. It’s better to see little description and then some hashtags if you want it under your pin.

I won’t write about the rest of networks because I mainly use this. On Youtube you have tags so you don’t have to put hashtags 😉


Sharing is caring!

Check what do you post, add source and turn off stupid notifications unless you are sharing to friends they want to. And use hashtags properly. I hope you found this article useful. Social Media is about people,  so try to keep this rules 😉 And remember this one thing 😉


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