Should you Cater for every single Customer?

Online shopping has to be part of everyone’s business plans. As a business person you have to try and cater for every single customer. If somebody wants to give me their money, I will try my hardest to make it easy for them. Some like to come into the showroom, sit down in our comfy chairs, and take hours looking at each item within their required budget. Others turn up with a figure in mind, and as long as my quote is with in that calculation, then it is ‘job done’ all within 5 minutes.


Online Shopping is one of our main focuses at the moment. I have sold my items via ebay, facebook, twitter, pinterest, email and have just set up a etsy store. I have just spent this morning photographing and loading more products onto our online ebay site. Once loaded, I used the links on my twitter and facebook accounts. Within a few minutes a chap from Swansea was tweeting me to purchase two historic shields. We agreed a price, he paid by PayPal, and the courier is arriving in morning to collect them. Since we opened for business in 2011, we have had over 2000 online customers. We send our products all over the world and many of them are the all important ‘repeat customers’.

We even have two American customers who have a trophy collection and regularly send facebook messages asking for the latest item we have. The main appeal to business owners is our massive increase in audience from the local footfall walking past. Online shopping opens up millions of potential customers. Some shoppers aren’t that bothered any more if their item comes from old York or New York. After a long days work, it is so easy to be sat on the sofa, glass of wine in hand and click a few buttons and 3 days later open the front door. The postman has your item for you and you haven’t even left the house.



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