Simple SEO Errors That Are Damaging Your Ecommerce Business

For newcomers to the ecommerce scene, for example Best Shopify Dropshipping. it’s vital to recognise the importance that search has on your results. Without search, no one will ever find your products, and you will be left with no sales, no visitors, and business running on empty. Search engine optimisation – or SEO – is the key to fixing your search issues, but many ecommerce stores fail to do it right. In today’s guide, we’re going to highlight some of the glaring mistakes that are simple to fix but will do a lot of damage to your performance. Let’s take a closer look and see if your business is suffering.


The basics

First of all, it’s vital to get the basics right. 70% of SEO is all about following a basic formula that appeases the search engines. You’ll need to ensure your site has perfect URL structure, meta descriptions for everything you sell, and high-quality content – whether it’s for your blog or your product descriptions. While these basics are pretty easy to grips with, they can be time-consuming. It might be worth finding an SEO company to work with, who will be able to sort out your site with ease.


Generic product descriptions

How do you create the product descriptions that sit alongside your product images and prices? If your site is lacking in descriptions at all, how, exactly, are you planning on ranking in the search engines? Search engines like Google use text as a way of finding out what your product pages are about, and a blank page is going to do you no good whatsoever. However, avoid pulling in the generic product descriptions from the supplier. Firstly, they tend to be dull as dishwater, and won’t inspire a single soul to make a purchase. But most importantly, the likes of Google will see it as duplicate material – and you could end up getting penalised. So, the solution is to create compelling, original product descriptions that appeal to both search engines and consumers.


Duplicate title tags

Another major issue for ecommerce businesses is the problem of duplicate title tags. Title tags can often be repeated if you are selling lots of products from the same brand, or lots of products that are similar in nature. The idea is to ensure that every title tag is different. One good way of approaching this issue is to use the old SEO title tag trick of ‘Brand – Model – Item – Type.’ Using an approach like this will stop you accidentally creating duplicate title tags such as ‘Black-razor’ or similar, which could apply to dozens – or hundreds – of products.



Finally, you have to picture what Google wants from your website. Just like any other web-based technology, Google is a service and wants to give its customers the best experience possible. As their service is providing people with the best solution for what they are searching for, it’s easy to see why they will penalise you and reduce your rankings if you aren’t providing their customers with a perfect experience. Ensure your online store is easy to use, free of errors, and useful.

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