Three Small Ways That You Can Improve Your Site’s SEO In Big Ways

If you have got a small business and are looking to get your brand name out to more people, one great way is by improving your SEO. That is basically how high your site will come up when someone searches for something that your site is related to. The higher you come up, the more chance you have of people landing on your site. Your brand will become better known, and hopefully, it will just go from there. How can you improve your SEO, though? Here are a few straightforward suggestions, that every small business owner needs to be doing.

Publish Content

Alongside your main website, it is a good idea to have a blog. The main site would have all about your products or services, including things like contact details and pricing, for example. This information doesn’t change often, so it is hard to make that alone rank highly. So one way to improve it is by creating content on a different part of your website. If your business is wedding planning, for example, the blog could be various posts with wedding hints and tips. When you link back to your site and older blog posts of yours, it will give your SEO a boost. The topics that you publish about are quite often things that people would search for too. So they might come across your article and then check out the rest of your website. So getting some content and backlinks are a great idea to start with.

Send Press Releases

So to get your brand seen by more people, you could think about sending press releases. When you send them to marketing publications, sites, and blogs, it can get you some real traction. If you are not sure about how to write a press release then there is help online. You could find sites that would guide you through it. Or you could even hire an agency to do all of the hard work for you. But once out there, top ranking sites that publish your press release, will help massively with how well your site does in an online search. It also helps to improve the image of your brand as it creates trust and gives diversity to your site’s profile.

Make Good Links

When it comes to writing the content on your site, as has been discussed, make sure that you create good links. This is all to do with keywords and how useful they are to people searching. If you just placed a link in your copy saying ‘click here,’ it doesn’t hold any real value. The only value you get from a search engine point of view is the URL that is attached to it. You’d be better to use something more specific when creating a link. Back to the wedding planner example, you would link using the keywords ‘wedding planner’ or ‘cheap wedding ideas,’ for instance. As it is rich with keywords, it will rank much higher on a search engine (as will the page that you are linking to).



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