Simple Ways To DIY A Great Office

There are a lot of differences between owning a home and an office space. When you buy your home for the first time the main thing you’ll aim to do is make the space feel like your own. When you buy an office space though, the focus will be on making it feel comfortable and clean for a low price.


Carrying out DIY tasks on an office space is a lot different to the home and you’ll want to try and save money at every turn. There are plenty of ways to makw the office a better and more efficient place such as adding a Scaffold Pipe for water drainage off the roof; installing motion sensing lights and more. But today we want to focus on the smaller things. 


Here are some of the simple things you can do today to make the office space feel more like home without breaking the bank.


  1. Use air freshener


Believe it or not, smell plays a big part in the productivity of your workers. When it comes to working efficiently, the smell that permeates the space can either be calming and pleasant or distracting and off-putting. For example, have you ever experienced another office member microwaving fish and eating it at their desk?


When trying to make the office a better place it is a good idea to find a soothing scent that also helps keep workers alert and ready to work. Lemon is a great example of this, as well as fresh linen or lavender. Choose a smell that is strong enough for people to notice but not too strong as to put people off their work.


  1. Quirky accents

If you want to create the best possible office space you need to think about more than just practicality. An office can be elevated immediately by adding a few quirky touches and it can turn the space from a rigid room to one filled with fun. If your workers are sitting in a white room with blue carpet and no decorations they won’t feel relaxed. However if you add artwork, a pool table and some plants it will make the space feel more homely and your workers will be able to relax and not feel restrained.


  1. Get rid of cheesy posters


For some reason there was a time when office owners hung up cheesy posters of eagles and families with ‘motivational’ captions in the office. These days though, artwork like this just looks cheesy and corporate. If you have any of these offending articles, replace them with better artwork ASAP. A great idea would be to let your workers vote on artwork to hang in the office or even find pieces from local artists to bring some life into the room without spending a ton.


  1. Bring some green


You know what can make a drab looking desk immediately feel more like home? A plant. If your office has a lot of empty corners and windowsills, now is the time to take advantage of plant life and bring some greenery into the space. Break out the begonais; say ‘ello to Aloe Veras… make the office feel alive.


  1. Keep it clean


The easiest way to make the office look better? Keep it clean and tidy. It is incredibly important to clean and tidy the office from time to time and this will immediately make a drab and messy place feel brand new. 



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