Six Ideas To Jump Start Your Blog

So, you’ve created a fantastic website packed with interesting content, cutting-edge animation and professional standard videos? That’s a great first step, but how are you going to keep people coming back to your site time and time again? The answer to this question for many people is with a blog.

All the best websites from Fixed Price Accountants to Travel Companies have a blog that is regularly updated, but it can be hard to know exactly what to write about on such a regular basis. No matter what business you own, here are a few general ideas for creating original content for your blog.

Look To The News

This is the first port of call for many people. The news can provide a consistent stream of content which you can link to your business. Try setting up a Google Alert which informs you every time certain keywords are used so you can stay on top of current trends. If you can provide a fresh angle that has not been thought of before, this is a great way to increase your following and attract visitors to your site.


Try to get interviews with people relevant to your sector who can provide unique insight into various issues. If you have multiple people working at your company, you can even interview each one of them and release these on a weekly or monthly basis. Interviews with staff members help to give your business a sense of personality, and moves it away from being just another faceless company.

Run A Competition

Few things get people as excited as the chance to win things! If you run a competition over the course of a number of weeks, you can build excitement as well as providing valuable content for your blog. You should also share the details across social media and encourage others to like and share your posts.

Case Studies

In these blog posts you can showcase successful jobs you have completed, or talk to clients about the positive experiences they have had with your company. Case studies help to reinforce trust so if people are scrolling through your blog, they can see a number of other clients that have had positive experiences with your company.

Key Historical Dates

We have looked at using the news as a source of inspiration for your blog, but you can also use past events too. Make a note of a number of key dates in your industry and get blog posts ready so you can post them on the anniversary of these dates. People are often interested in anniversaries and this is a trick regularly used by the news as well.

Start A Poll or Survey

Polls and surveys are another good way to encourage interaction and spark debate amongst your readers. They can also be used to generate feedback about how well you are doing in your business and what people would like to see more of. Anything that encourages pepeople to get involved is always a good thing.


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