So just who is Tweeting for @MarketmeTV??

As the following on Twitter for @MarketmeTV is rapidly growing and our interaction is increasing daily, we have been asked a few times as to just who is the person(s) behind the account. As our involvement is very much full time to include Tweeting evenings and weekend, we have three main faces to the Twitter for MarketmeTV:

Company CEO Christopher Walkey. “I will generally update all the relevant educational social media news and information and chat to many of our followers that are our clients and close friends. I also cover the #SmartSocial Award feature that we offer each Sunday.”

Client Social Media Manager Eve. “I will fill in when the office is busy with meetings or there is a large social media project happening. Most of my updates usually come with an ending of 🙂 or xx. I usually run the #SMHour!”

Social Media Account Manager Jessica. “I am  fairly new to Marketme and starting to understand the depth of the conetnt that we share on social media… Best way to find out who is Tweeting is to ask! I am now covering #ColchesterHour each Tuesday!”

Marketme currently have 27,000 followers on Twitter and that figure is growing! Do join us and enjoy the content we share plus look out for #SmartSocial #SMHour #ColchesterHour.



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