Social Media and Estate Agency Software.

The internet has opened a whole new door when it comes to marketing your business, and engaging in Social Media is one way to make the most of this technological opportunity.

So restack those envelopes, lock your writing desk, and open your laptop to a brave new world….

Why should I use social media?

Running a Twitter or Facebook page alongside your website is a perfect way to communicate and engage with customers, receive feedback and improve and grow your services. Using Social Media will strengthen your online brand presence. By posting relevant, fresh content and navigating social media in a savvy way, you can help boost your SEO rankings, raise the flow of traffic to your website and increase your revenue.

Uploading properties directly from any of The Property Software Group’s software solutions through to your Twitter and Facebook page allows people to search their local area and easily find your contact details and your properties.

“The beauty of Social Media for Estate Agents is that a Twitter feed or Facebook page is like an extra shop window! “

To maximise your online presence and build relationships with both existing and potential clients, we can build a branded Facebook for you (if you don’t have one already) and exclusively feed all of your properties through our very own “Property Search” app.

As your properties become available or change status, we can automatically feed these updates to your Twitter account so you can ensure that your followers are receiving the most up-to date information on your portfolio.

Our Top tips!

Get Involved

Start to ‘like’ local businesses to increase brand awareness in your local area.

Highlight Properties of the Week

Showcase your property of the week by clicking on the selected property’s details and then selecting the ‘share’ button. This will then publish to the news feeds of the people that ‘like’ your page.

Make Time

Aim to spend a minimum of 30 minutes, three times a week on your social media pages. By checking your pages regularly, you can keep up to date with any comments or messages.

Post Relevant News

Posting news and articles keeps the people who ‘like’ you interested. Don’t solely post property news as you will want to constantly keep people engaged, so consider posting relevant local news too which may gain their interest.

Keep Content Fresh

Always ensure that the content you post is fresh. It does not make for a good advert if you have not posted anything for a few weeks, as it will appear that you are inactive.

Promote your accounts

Make sure people know that you active on social media. Add a links to your Facebook page and tweets etc onto the bottom of email signatures, your website and promote where possible.

Make use of the 140 characters

Twitter has a maximum of 140 characters per tweet. Make use of the 140 characters by making your tweets short, snappy and informative.

Search, Track and Respond

A wonderful feature on Twitter is the ability to search and track what is being said about your organisation, providing you with the ability to respond accordingly. Simply search for your company name in the main Twitter search box and see the results.

Be Conversational

You must interact with your twitter followers. If a follower tweets a question/direct message to you, ensure that you respond to them.

People want information quickly and they want one to one interaction with companies. Social media is a great platform to execute a quick and personal response.


Don’t be afraid to retweet any tweets that you and your followers may find interesting. Retweeting people’s tweets may influence others to retweet your posts meaning greater coverage for everyone! Remember it’s called SOCIAL media for a reason J


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