Social Media following vs Google Ranking for Business.

Just how important is your social media following and can it be as or more important than your Google ranking?

Certainly in today’s fast moving and mobile internet accessing crazed environment, your presence on fast sharing social news platforms is increasing in importance, especially if you are a business. More and more internet users are using social media to find out the latest news within their close network and within the subjects they follow. Nowdays, news reaches social media channels first even before TV or Radio news channels so how does this position Google ranking’s importance?

If you are a business and looking at marketing, then the results you are looking for is maximum exposure to an audience that will engage with the service and products you offer. So if marketing is to take place it needs to do so where it is most likely to get a response and ROI so do you spend lots of money on trying to position yourself high up on Google or do you look to build a large target audience on social media to engage with?

Let’s look at some positives for each and you decide which is best for you:

Google Ranking

  • High positioning, especially first page, puts you in front of an active keyword searching audience.
  • Economical marketing as creative and useful content naturally ranks you higher.
  • Google is a household name and is usually first choice for researching topics on the internet.
  • Free to be ranked and paid for options also available to increase positioning.


Social Media

  • Free to use social media platforms  with options to sponsor for better placement.
  • Enables you to build an audience by likes, followers and members.
  • High volumes of active audiences use social media.
  • News usually hits social media first.


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