Understanding the future of Content Marketing.

Have the words Content Marketing been circulating around your comms team? There’s no more producing content for contents sake, it’s time to listen to your customers and keep them on side. 

When I talk about Content Marketing I simply mean creating the best content you can to service your customers needs, values and behaviour. Many businesses are now diving into blog writing, producing infographics and hyperlapse videos and updating website content.

To keep your customers on side and help build brand loyalty there are 5 things you need to remember for ‘winning’ content:

  • User friendly – Content must be user friendly and easy to understand. Remember simplicity is the key!
  • Shareable – Your content must be that amazing that everyone wants to share it. Think about your blogs and titles for example…do they relate to customers everyday lives? Can your consumers use these tips too?
  • Videos – Video Marketing has taken Content Marketing by storm. It offers a naturally engaging strategy and if done properly it can be the ultimate tool; offering your customers with a ‘slice’ of the action.
  • Emotion – Emotion has always been a great starting point for content and a real attention point for consumers. Try it in your videos. 
  • Devices – Is your content responsive on all digital platforms? Now we’re a digital world it’s important your content is accessible on all devices. 

Some of these ‘10 Shocking Facts about Content Marketing Today’ by Search Engine Watch will really open your eyes too.

Content marketing

But no matter how digitally transformed we’ve become or how sophisticated our search engines grow our fundamental marketing elements will always come back to the mindset of helping our customers and creating value for them. Our customer behaviour drives marketing requirements and new fundamental strategies so you need to be on the ball if this continues to change. 

If you can produce relevant content to serve your customers and use the right tools to promote it you’re onto a winner!


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