Social Media For Business: Facebook, Twitter Or Instagram?

If you are eager to enhance your digital marketing strategy, you need to consider how you best utilise social media for your business. There are a huge variety of social media platforms emerging every year. While some take off and have a real global presence, others fall by the wayside. You need to know which ones to invest the time and effort into in order to expand your brand and enhance your potential customer base.

The main social media platforms that you need to consider are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each of these media offers something different to startups. Take a look at this analysis of social media to help you develop your digital marketing strategy.


The social media platform, Facebook, has been a stalwart of the online realm for over a decade now. Mark Zuckerberg, along with some pals, created the social media platform as a way for college students to communicate. Little did they know that a decade later, this platform was to become a game changer in the way people across the globe communicate. Texting was once seen as the height of technological advancements. Fast forward to today and Facebook Messenger is the communication channel of the day.

Facebook has morphed beyond the purely personal and social to a more professional and corporate setting. Businesses across the world are setting up Facebook business pages which tap into the psyche of the millennial market. People choose to venture onto Facebook to research companies and read reviews before they take the plunge and part with their cash. Potential customers need to have confidence in newer ventures as they long to shop with smaller firms but want the reliability of a larger conglomerate. Facebook is the perfect platform to create a virtual base for your brand. Post discounts, set up a feedback page, and link back to your website to drive traffic and increase sales.


Twitter is more of a mobile platform that focuses on news and developments. There isn’t a specific section for your reviews and the feedback you want to focus on needs to be linked to. Twitter is the ultimate platform via which to actively communicate with your customer base. Digital marketing services providers can act on your behalf to hone your company voice and give your brand a more friendly, chatty and informal tone. This can make your communication feeds more approachable and less formal than the stuffy corporates of old. Twitter is very much in the public domain meaning that every comment, query and complaint directed towards you can be seen by every Twitter user.

Respond to every comment swiftly and post relevant and shareable content. Utilise the power of the hashtag and followers of these will see your posts pop up in their timeline. The more shared your content is, the more followers you achieve, and the more traffic is directed to your website resulting in sales and profits.


Instagram is the perfect social media channel for those businesses that are part of creative industries. If you print tee shirts with your own graphic designs, you can show off your creations using achingly cool filters and images. As people enjoy looking at your wares, you can link through to your website shop pages. Use the filters available to you to create a thematic approach to your Instagram grid of images. Don’t mix up filters as your page can look disjointed. Consider a retro feel with a set of X-Pro images or opt for the hazy bohemian vibes of Valencia. And don’t forget to use the hashtag in the same way as you would on Twitter to encourage more followers and reposts on your images.

With the advent of Reels and stories, you can create Tik Tok style videos to tap into the younger demographic. If you market services or products to sixteen to twenty year olds, Instagram is their social media platform of choice. They adore the fun nature of selfies, image manipulation, and the concept of influencers. If you can find an influencer with thousands of followers who can set up ads for your wares, you could enjoy a greater global reach exposing your creative brand to the masses.

Social media is the twenty first century way to communicate, share stories, read the news, and to shop. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have their pros when it comes to utilizing them for business. Follow this guide and concentrate your efforts on the social media channels that will be most fruitful for your money making venture.


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