Social Media Raising Brand Awareness for Property Portals.

Social-Media Raising Brand Awareness for Property Portals

Do you use social-media platforms in business?

As a property portal our social-media interaction and marketing campaign has been on-going since we launched in Nov 2012. Our team have blogged, Tweeted,  Facebooked, YouTubed, Pinned, Google +’d, Linkedin and generally immersed ourselves in a world of social media since day one.

But is social-media an effective tool for increasing brand awareness?

As far as we are concerned, the answer to that question is yes. Today even those die hard, old school advertisers who are reluctant to embrace the digital age, have heard of social media platforms, and millions of people (four hundred million on Facebook alone) around the world already have their own social media profiles and interact regularly with thousands of online contacts.

However there is more to social networking than uploading pictures of your lunch, and many businesses that are now aware of the power of social-media as an effective branding tool, are actively using it to raise their public profile.

As a property portal we have found social-media particularly effective for building business to business relationships, with approximately 40% of those agents who list their properties on our site, drawn to us as a direct result of our social-media interaction.

Important social-media benefits.

Branding – Keeping your company brand in people’s minds is important in business. Social-media platforms can offer an affordable alternative to high priced marketing campaigns. The various free platforms available, allow even the smallest business to keep their branding in the minds of potential clients.

Viral Marketing – In simple terms viral marketing is like word of mouth referrals at light speed and is a tool that all businesses should take advantage of to instil an excitement about their services and products.

Targeted Advertising – Because social-media platforms enable you to follow or interact with particular businesses, groups or individuals, it is possible to target advertising toward a specific demographic, which is especially useful when tracking the results of a particular advert or offer.

In short social-media used correctly could raise your brand awareness.


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