Social Weddings.

The world of social media is helping businesses of all shapes & sizes interact, engage & sell to new customers. But what if those customers are getting married? How easy is it with social media & apps to enhance your traditional wedding or step away from tradition & do something that little bit different?

From the moment you announce your engagement & create a life event on Facebook detailing how the proposal went people will be waiting for their invite & the big day itself. Whilst you’ll probably want to get those invitations designed & sent out, keep your guests happy by creating a private Facebook event for an engagement party where you can track add all the details, track the RSVPS & even post photos to afterwards!

Once you’ve figured out the date of your wedding day, download a countdown app for your phone. There’s a lot to do when you are wedding planning and knowing how long you have to do it will really help. You can add appointments too allowing you to keep up to date with what’s going on.

WhatsApp is perfect for creating group chats with bridesmaids & groomsmen & Google hangouts are ideal for chatting to those core members of the wedding who perhaps live a little further away – brilliant for showing & sharing ideas.

Pinterest is any brides dream! Find inspiration, create mood boards & share private boards with key members of your wedding party. From flowers, to venues to that all important dress, join Pinterest & plan your wedding through pins & repins!

Blogs are great too; read up on stories from brides that have been there & planned wedding & learn from their mistakes or advice. There are thousands out there, lose yourself in their blog posts!

Twitter lists are ideal for seeing through the madness that is your Twitter stream & picking out tweets from potential suppliers. Don’t forget to sort out a hashtag for your big day. Camera phones will be out & pointing in your direction, photos will be taken & folk will want to tag them on instagram! #bridesnameandgroomsnamesweddingday usually works well. You may think about asking folk to no take photos & upload them but I say embrace it!

Apps like Touchnote for perfect for sending out thank you cards after the big day. Upload a photo from your phone or Facebook & send away!

The awesome video company Wediting who are doing things in the wedding videography world a little bit different, making everything shareable! A highlight reel of your wedding, uploaded to the internet & social sites so you can share with friends & family all over the world, without boring them to death with a 3 hour masterpiece that they will never sit through. Perfect, affordable too!

Have a brilliant wedding!


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