Solaborate expansion and the unique features that differentiate it from other Social Medias

Solaborate is another Social Media added to the list of many others out there. Solaborate was founded in 2012 by Labinot Bytyqi who has been involved in the technology sector for many years. He noticed many gaps in this sector, something that pushed him to start this whole new idea and urged him to create something exciting that promises to be among the top Social Medias in the near future. Solaborate is the first social and collaboration platform which focuses solely  in technology professionals and companies.


Solaborate is expanding and this can be noticed with the affection that people have given to it because of the innovative features that it brings (offers). Lately Solaborate released its application in the Windows Store for the new 8.1 Windows platform (operating system). This application has been praised from many technology bloggers who have claimed that the app has been designed to be better, faster and JUST A CLICK AWAY.
Solaborate app for Windows 8.1

However, this is just the beginning. Solaborate next big commitment is to launch its application for every device that uses the Android operating system. This will be another major achievement which will certainly provide Solaborate with more customers. On the contrary Solaborate will allow the users of this platform to maintain their profiles more efficiently and effectively use a number of other features that it provides.

The wide expansion of Social Medias occurred right after the start of the 21st century. Nowadays there are a number of Social Medias which provide human interaction in various ways.
Therefore someone may wonder, was there a need for Solaborate and if yes what differentiates it from the others?

In the following paragraphs one will be able to distinguish the unique features that Solaborate offers and how it can help companies or individuals reach their true potential.

Unlike other Social Medias, Solaborate is focused in people and companies that operate in this industry. Solaborate offers the chance to technological companies and professionals to collaborate and further develop in a sector that has been expanded greatly and has an undeniable  future. Therefore if you belong in this industry, consider Solaborate as a ticket to a successful journey that awaits you in the future.

The ability to market your products effectively is crucial in every industry and in the technological sector especially. Most of the Social Medias offer the chance to companies and individuals to use the basic functionalities for free but if one wants to expand even further then additional fees apply. However this is not the case if one chooses to go with Solaborate. Every functionality is free and the CEO has every intention of keeping it this way. Other than that there are specific functionalities (which will be presented below) within this application that allow a company to market specific products and services they offer.

Again for free!

This is probably what makes Solaborate totally unique and on top of the rest. Using Solaborate a company can promote an existing or a new product or service that they offer. There are some fantastic advantages that a company gains through such a functionality. There will be a specific page for every product or service that a company offers and it can be rated professionally from either professionals or from other tech companies. Other users or other companies can see them and express their opinions or give a certain score to any product or service.

On the contrary the company will be provided with analytics (insights) for every product or service that they possess. This can be really beneficial especially for technology giants who usually wait for September to unleash their products in the market. Such feature designed from Solaborate can provide them with insight on how their product is doing, are people embracing it and what to expect from it.

People may think that everything has been explored and there is not much to be offered by new Social Medias. The truth is that Solaborate is at this stage because of its unique opportunities that it offers. There are a number of features that have already been implemented by other Social Medias however Solaborate incorporated many other features that are special and this industry desperately needed. There are a lot of places on the Internet where you can share information or network with others, but real time collaboration is not possible. Basically what Solaborate brings is the ability to share or receive information without having to go through time wasting procedures of downloading applications and figuring out how to use them. Everything is offered within the application.

All of this is done via WebRTC which is a platform that enables a browser to browser direct communication. Therefore a company or an individual can communicate via Chat, Audio or Video directly within the application which is made possible via WebRTC. This enables a company to stay in touch with their customers which include other companies that may be interested in a specific product or service offered. Therefore with the inclusion of such platform, Solaborate is truly a step ahead of others when it comes to communication.

Starting your own blow is a big trend nowadays. There are a lot of technology experts who want to write for multiple issues that this industry covers. Therefore every person who aspires to be a blogger and share their knowledge or insights with other people can do it in this application.

People can choose to start a personal blog but they risk in just spending money creating it if their blog turns to be unsuccessful. Therefore aspiring bloggers may choose to start their career in Solaborate. The reasons behind this is that they will be able to monitor their growth, by viewing stats regarding people who read their blogs and the opinion they have about it. Furthermore a blogger may have a number of followers who read about their writings and more importantly can have the chance to be noticed from people who offer specific jobs. Solaborate and the chance it offers to have a blog (for free) can serve as a bridge to make it into the real world for the aspiring bloggers. Therefore giving people the chance to own a personal blog is a major issue why Solaborate should not be overlooked.

The use of Social Medias is daily growing and becoming more popular. Multiple Social Medias offer various opportunities to people who choose to trust them. Solaborate is a new chance for tech professionals to grow in their career and promote their products and services that they offer. Therefore by giving Solaborate a chance you also give a better chance to yourself to succeed in the industry of the future, Technology.


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