Starting A Bespoke Clothing Retail Business While Living In A Large City

Setting up a clothing business is right up there as one of the most risky yet reward startups in the world. Essentially, you’re following one of the most creative, artists and design-heavy businesses on the market. It’s also very expensive, as bespoke clothing cannot be made on a shoestring budget. Often you’ll be working late, trying to get each customer’s demand and style just right. It’s a complicated venture which involved the ability to work in fine margins, know different materials, fabrics, stitching and fashionable trends. Bespoke clothing also commands a relentless love of innovation. Your business must be accessible and able to reach any customer, and when you live in a large city, every order you get is a blessing.



A two-tier system


You must have a website, where you can display and sell your pieces. However, setting up a system for customers, so that the pathways are shortened to getting them what they want, will boost sales. A two-tier system is the best option, to making your bespoke services clearer and cause your business to run smoother. One set of people who are experimenting with your brand, can buy online is the small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. These sizes are a generalisation of the average person, in the country that your business is situated. The other tier can be the more formal client, who wishes to come into your store, get properly measured to have clothing be uniquely tailored for their body.


Delivery builds trust


This is because you’re competing with brands and family-run businesses who have established a reputation and have built up loyal customers. There are certain aspects of the trade, which if you grip quickly, can set you on the right path to longevity and recognition. A large city is very congested; therefore motorcycle courier services are the best way to deliver products to your customers with minimal fuss. Motorbikes can filter through traffic, don’t have to sit in traffic jams like cars, and can weave their way around the small road, cobbled alleyways and sneak through small gaps. These types of courier services, are great for a small business, because they amalgamated a majority of user-reviewed delivery services, compare the prices and give you options to pick the one most suited to your needs. They can deliver the clothing items customers who live in really busy areas such as London’s zone 1 and 2 areas.



Keep costs low, and quality high


Initially, when you start out, the main advantage you’ll have is that you are new to consumers, and they will want to see if you can offer them anything different. So many people use the brands for the clothing and can build up quite a habit. In a large city, you’ll find people who are more inclined to get outside their comfort zone. The key to staying afloat in the very beginning is to keep the material costs low, and the designs very voguish. When looking for a fabric supplier, don’t skimp out and go for the cheapest. Try to secure a medium quality supplier, and haggle for the price of per square of fabric. The main materials you’ll run into first are synthetic, purely man-made. However, also look for cotton fabrics for you upper echelons pieces.



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