3 Ways To Recruit The Wrong Employee

Hiring the right employee is a must for any business of any size. Although you may need to recruit quickly, you also need to do so efficiently. If you ignore some crucial points to hiring, you could very well end up recruiting the wrong person. In fact, here are 3 ways to recruit the wrong employee:


Assume They Are Trustworthy

So, this person has told you that they are a citizen of your country, has worked for huge companies in very similar roles, and has all of the necessary background checks to prove they are safe. Why would you take their word for it? Your business is at stake, and you really need to be sure that they are being truthful. Doing your own background checks is essential, and it’s advisable that you speak to ex employers too.


Only Look At Their CV

A CV is just a piece of paper. It doesn’t really tell you anything about a person’s personality, or their drive, or how enthusiastic they can seem, and many other things. Somebody might seem like a great employee on paper, but fall flat in real life. Paying attention to the CV is a good idea, but it’s not all you should focus on.


Focus On Their Personality

Although the CV isn’t the only thing you should focus on, you shouldn’t hire based on somebody’s personality alone. They may be a great person, but will they bring something new to the table?


Now you know how you could end up hiring the wrong employee, how exactly do you hire the right one? This infographic can fill you in within seconds:

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