Startups: Here’s How To Attract High Net Worth Clients

When you set up a new business, you will doubtless want to make as much profit as possible from it. For some enterprises, that means securing lucrative contracts from a few key high net worth clients. As you might suspect, these are individuals that usually run a string of successful and profitable businesses. If ever the saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” is relevant, it’s definitely in this case!

So, you’ve just started your new business, and you want to attract a few wealthy clients to your brand. How do you get them interested in what you do? It turns out there are a few “secrets” that you probably weren’t aware of.



Base your startup from an attractive office building

In the business world, as with many things in life, first impressions ARE everything! You want to make sure that any potential new client of yours is suitably impressed with you, your company, and how you operate. Whether we like to admit it or not, we begin to judge a business by the type of premises it has.

Because your goal is to attract high-end customers, you must portray your startup as a professional, modern, and forward-thinking company. To do that, you must first start with where you base it! A modern office setting in the city centre is more enticing than a small office room above a High Street shop, so you might want to think about an office in a managed building.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to lease attractive office space in a managed building. Companies like Regus offer a plethora of options that are cash-flow-friendly, especially to startup businesses like yours.

Treat potential new clients like royalty

A high net worth individual won’t usually expect to be treated better than anyone else. But, it can be a nice compliment to them if a supplier that wants their business treats them like royalty. You don’t have to roll out the red carpet in a literal sense, of course! Nor do you need to act like their personal slaves to have them spend some money with your startup.

No, there are some things you can do that make them feel important and give them the impression you aim to please. For example, if they are visiting you from far away, you could offer to transport them to your office by having a chauffeur company send a limousine to pick them up.

You may even wish to treat them to a working lunch at an impressive and exclusive city centre restaurant. You could even provide them with a free of charge sample of the products or services that you sell to sweeten the deal!

Tailor what you offer to better suit their needs

One final thing to try out is tailoring the products and services your startup offers to better meet their needs. High net worth individuals love having solutions that are a perfect fit to their requirements. You may find they are willing to pay extra to have a bespoke product or service with their branding on it so they could offer it as a value-added extra to their own customers.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post; I hope you’ve found the above strategies useful!


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