Stay In The Loop (Even When You Are Not In The Office)

As part of your role as business owner, it’s often down to you to make most of the visits to see clients across the country. After all, they want to meet the star of the show to find out more about the business. Therefore, it does mean you are often away from the office for large periods. But it can be worrying if you are leaving your employees to get on with things while you are out and about. After all, standards might drop, and they might miss deadlines. Therefore, here are some ways to stay in the loop even when you are not in the office so that your company remains at the top of its game.


Get CCTV you can check via your smartphone


You want to be able to trust your employees. After all, you have put your faith in them by hiring them. But when you are away from the office, it’s easy for things to fall behind. In fact, they might end up having a chinwag rather than getting on with their work. Therefore, if you want to ease your worries, you might want to install CCTV. With one of these systems, you can often check the cam on your smartphone. So if you are on the train to a client’s office, you can quickly check what’s going on back at the office! It’s also good to have CCTV so if something did happen while you are away, and everyone denies it’s them, you have proof of the situation!


Keep a fully charged phone with you


It’s also a good idea to keep a smartphone which is fully charged up with you at all times. That way, you can make a call to check in back at the office. And you can find out exactly what’s occurring even if you might be hours away. Also, having a fully charged phone with you can ensure your employees can get in touch with you. That way, they won’t make errors as they can ask your opinion before making the decision. If your battery drains easily, you might want to invest in a power bank. With one of these, you can quickly give your phone some power so you can contact the office. And you can look online to see some of the best power banks which will give your phone some much-needed charge. Then you can make sure you can ring and check-in at the office!


Get staff to bcc you when sending emails


If you are going to be out of the office for the majority of the day, it’s easy to miss out on what’s going on. And if you have staff who haven’t worked for you long, they still might be learning. Therefore, they could make errors which could jeopardize your business’ future. So to keep an eye on what they are up to, you should ask them to bcc you into emails. That way, you will receive a blind carbon copy when they send a message to any client. Therefore, it can give you reassurance everything is above board back in the office!


And remember to get a second in command. They can then keep you updated with what’s going on and will ensure everyone works hard even when you are not around!



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