digital marketing

Five questions web developers should ask before they accept a new job.

21st July 2015

If you can think of a problem, chances are that someone online is starting to tackle that problem and someone online somewhere else has progressed further towards a solution. Entrepreneur magazine, for example, has listed ten startup businesses that are revolutionising the way we interact with the internet, to include the production of an app…

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Why you need a Digital Strategy:

14th August 2014

Gone are the days of running an ad in the local paper. If you aren’t online, your business is missing out! As the digital world continues to make an impact on how we communicate, businesses are facing a change to their marketing strategies and being forced to implement digital marketing into their planning. But having…

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Facebook treats us like guinea pigs and we do not care.

18th July 2014

When the news first broke that Facebook had been using our timelines to run social experiments on us it probably shouldn’t have been as surprising as it was. However, what has surprised me even more is that they seem to have gotten away with it without recourse. The general public have just carried on posting…

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