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Estate Agency tips for using Social Media.

17th April 2014

A recent article that I wrote received a few positive comments from estate agents in my email inbox so I thought I would share some of these tips for those agents who do not receive this popular trade industry magazine. “How should you present yourself to your local community”? Use social media to exhibit your…

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Social Media in the UK Property Industry.

27th March 2014

Social media is an online phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, but how has it affected the property industry? And how are property agents utilising this powerful tool? Many people have a narrow view of what social media incorporates, yes it predominantly includes the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but it is also…

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Why Estate Agents Are Falling Behind On Social Media?

26th March 2014

Estate agents are falling behind on social media marketing. As a rule, they are relying far too heavily on websites to advertise and sell homes. Facebook strategies are effective ways of reaching their target audience – home sellers and buyers – and are either free to manage in-house (if you have a trained member of staff),…

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Letting agents .. Facebook ‘likes’ are worthless?

27th February 2014

Many letting and estate agents will tell you they have so many hundreds or thousands of followers on twitter or so many likes on facebook.. the more the better. However, you need to stop and ask yourself – why do you want more Facebook likes or twitter followers? Yes, it’s nice to look popular on…

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