Why Estate Agents Are Falling Behind On Social Media?

Estate agents are falling behind on social media marketing. As a rule, they are relying far too heavily on websites to advertise and sell homes. Facebook strategies are effective ways of reaching their target audience – home sellers and buyers – and are either free to manage in-house (if you have a trained member of staff), and even affordable if you use a social media consultant to help improve performance.

Businesses all over the world use Facebook pages to generate awareness and raise their business profiles, so why aren’t estate agents taking advantage of this.

Social media is an incredibly useful way of marketing any small business and this includes estate agents.

One example would be to use instagram or snapchat. What better way to raise a home buyers attention to new property than sending them pictures straight to their mobile phone?

Pinterest too, can be used as a notice board of a property that’s just been taken on for sale.

The benefits that each of these options have is that they are completely individual; you do not have to share your marketing space with other estate agents on the internet.

Events can be organised on Facebook, shared on Twitter and the pictures can be distributed across the internet at a moments notice.

Clubs and bars have been using social media to great effect for the last few years; there is no reason why estate agents could not do the same.

Social media and the attached marketing possibilities are currently under used by the majority of small businesses; Facebook and Twitter are two of the best ways to communicate with your target audience and media employees who might be able or willing to endorse your company.

It is essentially a method of free advertising. The best thing about employing a social media strategy of marketing is that is so easy.

There is a good chance that, even if you are not familiar with social media yourself, there are a number of affordable social media consultants locally that can help manage or train your staff to use it.


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