Help Your Teen Avoid These 5 Common Social Media Mistakes

10th April 2014

Forget the local drive-thru hangout, the techie teens of today have a new favorite spot—the digital sphere. In a study conducted by, nearly 90 percent of teens surveyed reported using Facebook to communicate with friends and connect with strangers. Social media makes keeping in touch with familiar faces possible, but it also makes it…

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123456: Why are you using this as your password?!

2nd February 2014

At my recent “Privacy, Safety and Digital Reputation” for parents seminar  I discussed passwords, and the importance of keeping them complex to deter hackers. Imagine my shock then, when the very next day, I stumbled upon this Huffington Post article, “Yep, The Most Common Passwords of 2013 Are Kind Of Idiotic.” Basically, this article shared the annual ranking…

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