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Clippet: An Audio News Revolution?

7th July 2014

It’s no secret that modern newsrooms face huge challenges. True, that at time when traditional media sees falling revenues and an even steeper decline in public opinion, the market for news providers has never been more open. But considering much of that gap is currently being filled by companies more insistent on ‘viral content’ and…

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Learning and Understanding Social Media.

15th March 2014

I’m writing this blog entry having spent the day at the York Railway Museum attending a S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) workshop and training course. In today’s fast pace of life, business owners need to try and be one step ahead of the competition. In the past, customers dug out the old yellow pages, thumbed the…

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How to Improve Social Media Shares of your Content Marketing.

8th March 2014

Content marketing combines the creation of valuable content with social media marketing and search engine optimization. It helps companies to drive in new prospects, new leads, to establish their own credibility in their respective industries and stay top in the minds with existing and potential clients. Social media holds and will continue to increase their dominant…

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