What is Branding Marketing About?

26th October 2016

Branding Marketing is the process of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product or service from competing ones An effective branding strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly growing and competitive markets. As such, branding management and marketing refers to your promise and commitment in front of the customer.…

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Where you should be investing your hard-earned salary

17th February 2015

Money doesn’t grow on trees, which is why it’s important to look after your earnings. While saving is one option – via a traditional savings account or (preferably) a tax-free cash ISA – you might also decide investing is an option you want to consider. By investing your money can go up as well as…

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Selling Directly through Social Media.

23rd September 2014

There are a lot of reasons for your business to establish a presence on a variety of social media sites, but at the end of the day, you’re looking for customers and sales. To encourage those sales numbers, look to what other clever marketers are doing, namely selling products directly on social media. While the…

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Becoming an Influencer on Twitter.

17th September 2014

Twitter was born in 2006. Since then, and especially in recent years, the social media platform has rocket launched into one of the most heavily used sites on the Internet, serving as a great place to network, advertise and share. Twitter is a worthwhile place to set your roots – for both businesses and individuals…

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SlideShare Now Lets You Upload Infographics

15th August 2014

As SlideShare itself states, its goal is simple: to share knowledge online. Over the past eight years, SlideShare has worked tirelessly to meet that goal, becoming one of the most popular and useful sites for sharing professional content and presentation related media. Now, over two years since becoming part of the LinkedIn fold, SlideShare has…

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Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

4th August 2014

Picture yourself as a Twitter user. You’re in a “Content Discovery” state of mind, browsing around popular tweets. You stumble upon someone interesting. Do you “Follow”? What goes through your mind: Who is this person? What have they written about themselves? How many tweets have they posted? Over what period of time? And most importantly:…

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Save time: understand the 4 key ways to manage social media

24th July 2014

Managing social media can be a real drain. Whether that’s maintaining a reliable output of good content or handling incoming enquiries, sometimes it feels there just isn’t enough time in the day. If you’re supporting more than one or two social channels then you’ll quickly find there isn’t enough time in the night either! You…

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Kicking Your Marketing Imagery up a Notch.

7th July 2014

In marketing, we’re often told – force-fed, rather – unique content is absolutely essential. Believe it or not, when they say content is king, it doesn’t exclusively refer to text-based content. Attractive, engaging and relatable images are also essential to a successful content marketing strategy. Visual content is even more important when you throw social…

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Live-Tweeting Tips for Your Next Event.

3rd July 2014

When you’re attending conferences and events, social media is a great way to get your audience actively engaged and increase your interactions. You can reach out to your followers and tell them some of the interesting or thought-provoking parts of your event with the hopes that they’ll give you some sort of response. Live-tweeting is…

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Using “Pages to Watch” in Your Facebook Insights.

16th June 2014

Facebook certainly helps us keep up with others, thanks to status updates, photos and milestones marked on a virtual timeline. It might come as a surprise that this information extends far beyond personal relationships, though. In fact, businesses can use Facebook to see just how their competitors are doing, thanks to a feature called Pages…

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How to Rank Higher in YouTube Search Results.

9th June 2014

In case you didn’t know already, despite the fact that Google owns YouTube, what works for Google search engines does not necessarily work for YouTube search.  In other words, just because a video ranks highly in Google search doesn’t mean it will in YouTube search, and vice versa. Is the difference that important? Um, heck…

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When Facebook is gone in 5 years time are you going to be ready?

22nd May 2014

The general consensus is that Facebook is still playing a crucial role within social media marketing but as it loses it’s “cool factor” that made it so popular in the first place will the audience engagement go down and never recover?  This is one of the most hotly debated topics in social media at the…

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