Amáre Vodka

17th October 2022

Amáre Vodka has recently added two flavoured Vodkas to their range, with one of them being Passionfruit flavoured, each of their Vodkas are 5 times distilled, the reason? Studies have apparently proven that the cleaner the alcohol, the less impact it has on the body. The company was founded by three friends, Jake Chapman-Brown, Isaac Mayne…

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Reyka Vodka From The Country of Iceland

10th May 2022

Available from Tesco, Reyka produces a great Vodka from the country of Iceland, smooth and creamy, a delight to enjoy on its own as a shot or in a Cocktail of your choosing. Tasting Notes Aroma – “Vodka takes on an almost expressionless character, but this Iceland vodka is smooth, very much creamy.” Flavour –…

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Dima’s Vodka – The Ukrainian Way

1st February 2022

Dima’s Vodka is a fairly new creation, it was launched at the beginning of the pandemic, already showing that they can embrace the hardest of times, it was created by Ukrainian-born Dima Deinega to challenge consumer stereotypes of Vodka, as clearly seen by the outstanding bottle design, this is a Premium Vodka, in fact, it…

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