Targeting social media leads.

I have a list of target customers, what’s next?

If you are spending time profiling your customers on social media, getting to understand what they are looking for that’s great.  It almost goes without saying that you need to look at your product, brand or service through their eyes after you have gone about targeting social media leads..

Targeting social media leads – look at it from their perspective.

So, if you are a plumber your customer wants you to solve their problem not talk about how much you know about pluming or different types of pipe for example. So look from their perspective. Write copy, posts and info-graphics that solve their problems or fill their need.

You are now beginning to build up your target customer profile.

The next step is to compile the ultimate list of what your customer problems/ needs/ desires might be. Think about the kind of ‘How’ questions they might ask like: ‘How do I unblock a sink?’ or ‘How can I get the air out of a radiator?’ Be thorough, deal with the lowest common denominator.

When you are targeting social media leads ask the right questions

Imagine that you knew absolutely nothing about your business what questions would you ask? Don’t think it’s patronising or stupid, ‘It’s only easy when you know the answer, after all.’ and not everyone has your skills, obviously. The key thing to take from this perspective is not to always provide expert knowledge.

The next thing to consider  is creating content or posts for each stage your potential lead might go through in their sales cycle. So what might they be wanting to know initially, what comes next and how can we close the deal?

Don’t be afraid to provide some ‘what if’s’

Initially they may be unsure what question they need answering, so provide some ‘what if’s? Here you are planning to lead and educate. You will be using broad brush strokes here.

Then you need to start thinking about high level terms they might have used for search and of course those valuable keywords.

When targeting social media leads consider perceived potential problems

Then they might think, ‘Ah I actually need specific assistance with this’ or ‘Aha, now I know the problem.’ So now you are beginning to be more specific about potential solutions. Maybe you might even save them from leaving your page by showing them how your product, brand or service measures up to the competition.

Now they know it all –or at least as much as they need to know – they can make a decision.

At this stage of your content then terms used will be specific: Kitchen sink mixer taps.

Specific keyword search terms can help

They will continue to be more specific in keyword search terms until eventually they have viable alternatives that will allow them to make a decision. Until eventually they ask, ‘Is this what I want? Is it right for me?

When you are looking at your product from the customers’ perspective, having done your customer research you will be in a much better position to provide the answers they are looking for and have a greater chance of converting or send your message out that engages, informs and draws in visitors.


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