Temporary Buildings for Car Valeting and Repair

A temporary structure for vehicle repairs and valeting would be the perfect solution for starting a business or expanding an existing one. Permanent buildings are expensive to build and they also take too much time. A temporary building can be used while the permanent structure is being constructed.

Your temporary structure can be made to give you the same facilities that a permanent one would. It would however cost a lot less than a permanent building. In addition, it would take half the time to construct. Your temporary structure can also be customized to suit your specific requirements.

How a Temporary structure for Car Valeting and Repairs is Beneficial

Whether you plan to rent the temporary building for a short period of time or rent it, a temporary building for the aforementioned purpose comes with a number of benefits.


Car repair and valeting are activities that require a lot of space. As mentioned earlier, temporary buildings can be customized to your specific needs. The interior of your temporary structure can be as spacious as you need it to be.

The structure comes with no support beams or columns to hamper space or floor plan. The height is also good and you actually have more clearance than with other buildings.

Car repair especially requires good ventilation because of the noxious fumes emitted by the vehicles during repair. Moreover, your mechanics need good natural lighting. This is made possible with temporary structures as the builders use material that lets in natural light and ventilation. An additional benefit of this is that you will save a lot on energy bills since electrical lighting will not be needed during the day.

Car valeting includes cleaning, polishing and waxing. It also involves removing contaminants such as iron filings and the use of various chemicals to clean the exteriors of vehicles. Difficult to reach areas may require lifting of the vehicles and all these require space. The interiors are vacuumed leading to the need for proper ventilation.

Temporary structures create a safe environment for all these activities to take place with minimal moisture and pests. They are also more eco-friendly that permanent structures in the long run.

Cost Benefits

Temporary structures need not be temporary. They can actually serve as long-term alternatives to permanent buildings.

Compared to how much it costs to get a permanent structure up and ready for operation temporary structures offer a huge advantage. This is with regard to both time and funds. The fees charged for the purchase and installation of a temporary structure are significantly less than what a permanent structure would cost.

Additionally, a permanent building takes a long time to even get off the ground. A temporary one can be constructed elsewhere then transported to the client’s preferred site and installed in a matter of months.

This means that work does not have to wait until the building is up and running and the funds saved can be put back into the business.

Temporary structures are a great solution for car repair and valeting services especially in if they decide to expand or need extra space for a limited period of time.

Temporary Buildings are Flexible and Eco-Friendly

They have the following features:

  •       They are lightweight
  •       They use non-corrosive aluminum frames
  •       Sustainable
  •       They also use fabric coverings
  •       The construction process does not require a lot of energy
  •       The metal used is recyclable

Your temporary building can be remodeled, altered or expanded to meet your requirements. Furthermore, they can be relocated fast. You can choose to have yours include insulation with climate control equipment.

Fast Installation

Temporary buildings are constructed and installed fast whichever size or configurations you choose or whatever the location. Installation can be done in a matter of hours or days. They may also not require extensive site preparation. This is an advantage in that the client can cross out labor and construction expenses.

The client therefore has their space ready for work in days instead of having to wait for weeks. You can therefore begin advertising your car repair and valeting services even as construction is going on.

If you are using the temporary building temporarily as you await the completion of permanent arrangements, you can have it dismantled and removed as quickly as it was set up. The building can be parked up for future use if the need arises. You can also have it altered for other uses such as office space or lunchroom for your employees.


Temporary buildings for valeting and car repair services are very convenient and provide a comfortable space to work in. because they offer adequate lighting and ventilation, they are also safe and give your workers an environmental friendly workspace that takes their health into consideration.

Because they can be tailored to suit your specific needs, you have the opportunity to choose the design, size and configurations that you feel would suit your needs best.


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