The 4 Daily Habits of the Most Successful SEOs

Good knowledge of your craft is often not enough to be successful in it, especially when we are talking about such fast-developing and changing professions as SEO specialist. In this case, knowing the basic nuances of search engine optimization is important, but the key to success in this field is constant learning and development because these people have to keep pace with the technological progress.

Any modern company needs a professional SEO. This person does not only greatly reduce company’s expenses on advertisements, but can make organization’s websites look attractive both for target consumers and search engines. Here we present four useful tips that every SEO specialist should make a habit to achieve better success metrics in their activities.

1) Keep a daily calendar.

The first and essential habit of any successful specialist is planning, as it is always important to keep your work and thoughts in order, and the best way to do this is to keep a daily calendar.



Google Calendar is probably one of the most convenient tools for this purpose because to create a calendar with Google it’s enough to have an account on Gmail and devote less than 10 minutes to understand how this feature works.

Moreover, such tool will be useful for the whole team. If all members of your team will have such calendars and share the access to them to other team members, it will become much easier to plan joint events, set goals, brainstorm and work together on creating marketing or SEO strategy.

2) Always respond to Google alerts.

Pre-configured custom alerts in Google Analytics will bring you many benefits and even save a lot of time; a daily check of these alerts takes just a few minutes and allows you to react quickly to a sudden drop in traffic, appearance of link spam or abnormal activity on the website. And don’t forget to turn on email notifications.

A quick tip: by configuring alerts in GA, make sure that they all are really important to you because otherwise, your mail is more likely to break from tons of notifications about the slightest changes.

3. Keep an eye on positions and updates of search engines.

The faster you find out about unpleasant positions, the sooner you can bring positive results back, and checking for updates shows you exactly what changes have led to growth and which to drop.

Choosing the right tool for auditing positions is important. The service that we use, allows you to split a phrase by groups with an indication for each landing page, it also helps in the analysis of the mass departure of page phrases.

Widgets are self-configuring, depending on the task. One of the most useful is “visibility.” You can compare the visibility of a website between particular groups of phrases and competitors, and when you update the search results the service sends an automatic alert, which shows the date the changes take effect.

4) Read the news, be in trend and introduce innovations.

Reading fresh SEO news, articles, reviews or blogs daily will help you to keep up with a rapidly changing industry, get enough inspiration for new projects, find effective solutions to common issues, learn about new innovational features and test them on your websites. This way you probably won’t miss anything really important.


Final word

Being a good specialist means never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if you were the best student at your faculty or you skipped classes and ordered your final paper at SameDay essay service; if you are ready to learn, gain new skills, improve and grow as professional – this is exactly what can make you a successful SEO!



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