The Benefits Of Magento Web Design For Your Business

Whether your business’ site is starting to look dated, or it looks the part but just isn’t bringing in conversions – Magento web design may be a great option.

The Magento platform has become hugely popular in the online world, simply because it offers unbeatable opportunities for e-commerce success.

Magento features allow for the creation of sites that are completely unique, both visually and functionally. You can customise your site’s navigation, appearance, payment process, search features and more, to make sure your site truly represents your brand.

A list of the benefits of opting for Magento web design could go on forever, so for now, here are the top few!

Reasons to use Magento web design…

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

First and foremost, Magento excels itself with the opportunities it provides for businesses to maximise their conversion rates. The vast amount and variety of features means you can up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell – you name it.

Magento goes above and beyond to provide the necessary tools for segmenting your prospects and leads. This way, you can tailor your content to present specific browsers with highly relevant products, offers, discounts, recommendations, and more. The more targeted you can make your marketing efforts to each consumer, the far more likely you are to push people into buying. More sales means increased revenue and business growth, something every business strives for.

To make sure your business makes the most of the many CRO features Magento has to offer, working with a professional is the way forward. Bigfoot Digital are a Magento website design agency who can work with you to build an e-commerce site that suits your brand down to the ground and offers a completely smooth user experience. Without this, you will be limiting your business’ online potential. If you want to work with a team that has years of experience and a passion for all things digital marketing, not just Magento web design, get in touch with them today.


As well as Magento web design being highly beneficial for optimising your conversion rates, unlike many e-commerce platforms, Magento sites are designed with SEO in mind.

There is plenty of room for SEO-optimisation, so you can rest easy knowing your site’s URLs and metadata are completely Google-friendly. No need to edit messy URLs or meta descriptions that don’t please Google’s algorithms – Magento web design is one step ahead.

Having an optimised site to rank in the SERPs is one thing, but Magento goes even further by allowing businesses to ensure their sites are fully mobile responsive. No need for consumers to zoom in and out or move around the pages to find what they’re looking for, Magento web designs are mobile-friendly, even down to shopping carts.

User-friendly browsing

Whether your e-commerce site has thousands of products on offer, or you are an emerging business with a dozen items to sell, giving consumers the option to filter their searches will hugely improve your user experience.

Magento web design consists of a number of dynamic search features, so your leads can narrow down their browsing and find what they are after much more easily. If people have to spend time trawling through your entire product list to locate the type of product they need, they are likely to give up and leave your site. Benefit from Magento’s features by categorising your products so your target consumers can filter their search and make purchases with minimal effort.

Easy-to-use interface

Once you have worked with Magento web designers and have an impressive site up and running, the process of keeping your site updated is super simple.
So, if your e-commerce business is always bringing out new products, you can easily customise your content and upload these to the site, no trouble. Magento sites are totally scalable. If your business has big plans for the future, you don’t have to worry about outgrowing your site.

The sheer amount of integrations that Magento allows also adds to its user-friendly nature. You can integrate with a range of external payment processors and third party tools to allow for easy payments, data collection and analysis.

Unique sites

Magento web design mainly stands out from the crowd for the degree of customisation that it allows. You get to decide everything you want your site to offer using the range of plugins, such as your product categories, payment options, languages, navigation system and more – these can all be completely unique to your brand.

Although Magento sites require working with experienced web professionals to build completely from scratch, the end result brings businesses an almost guaranteed ROI.


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