Successfully measuring thermal energy for precise consumption metering:

Both consumers and businesses alike will always be in favour of saving money and when you have high energy and fuel bills, then putting in place systems that both monitors and helps you to reduce unnecessary spending will always be a wise investment. Many households across the country will now be able to read their expenditure simply but reading an app on their phone (Smart thermostats are a smart technology), we have come along way in such technology in the space of just a few short years.

Heat / energy meters will offer a solution to measuring thermal energy provided by a fixed source such as your boiler at home or on commercial premises such as cooling out points for chiller units. Other forms of meter will include those for water, electricity, gas , heating etc – In most occasions the bills for these forms of utilities will be quite high so putting in place reliable meter readers will generally pay off in a short period of time. Many of us will have seen a meter at home in some way or another, be it the one spinning round for the electric usage or when we put the heating on for a bath in the boiler cupboard – These are all measuring flows of the energy.

One such company to offer a full range of its own manufactured metering systems in Kamstrup. Their diverse range of meters includes not only those metering, they also branch out to the likes of electronic gas volume converters, remote reading systems and SVM products – most options are useful for those very tight fit installations being that they are of smaller design and compact. Kamstrup heat meters come in all shapes and size and price points too and importantly are all MID and RHI compliant.

Installation of heat meters today need to allow for far more confined spaces as many residential property are becoming increase smaller in average size so all electrical, metering, gas installation items are required to be compact and robust (Kamstrup meters will work in extreme temperatures up to 130 degrees).

Once purchased, it is important to select, position, install and commission heat energy meters to the required and recommended standards and installation obviously from a trained and official installation person. Within the new build sector, it is well known that some contractors seem more concerned about the short term life of meters over the long term performance, once that initial one year guarantee expires it is then over to the owner / operator of the building to cover costs of repairs and replacements – Using the services of a trusted and respected meter supplier is all important over cheaper online solutions that may be readily available. Make sure that if you are in charge of purchasing meters than they are at the very least Class II, MID approved and compliant with the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).


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