The Cornerstones Of A Successful Startup


The secrets to a successful startup are very simple approaches. In fact, they are not even secrets at all. If you are either already running a startup or you are looking into getting one off the ground there are some cornerstones you need to ensure that it is run successfully.


Three words: plan, plan, plan! Plan ahead, for unexpected situations, for your future. It can never be underestimated that organization is such an important factor in getting a business started. So get everything ready before you begin. If you run a business in a haphazard manner, it will feed through into being a haphazard organisation. So get your processes in check. Delegate responsibilities if you are a small company.


This covers internal communication i.e. how you communicate with your staff. Communication problems in the workplace can account for a multitude of productivity issues. Communication between staff members can cause working relationship troubles which not only will contribute to a downturn in productivity, it can cause a difficult working environment. Addressing the issues between staff in a constructive and open manner will encourage discussion and debate. As opposed to pitting one person against the other, chairing a conversation will help to get to the root cause.

Also, how you conduct yourself as a business leader will be the cause and solution to business problems. A good manager is a friend, leader and confidante. Look at leaders you admire, what is it about them that you admire? Improving yourself is never an overnight job, but today is the best time to start. Leading your business to success will encourage trust, in yourself, in your brand and in the business.  


Not just the contracts or letter headed paper! You need to make sure everything your business needs, is covered for. For example, you need to make sure that the business has employer liability insurance to cover you for workplace related illness. Paperwork makes the business world go round, so get the stationery cupboard and your documents fully loaded.


The product you introduce to the market acts as the cornerstone of your entrepreneurial journey. It embodies not just a solution to a consumer need but distinguishes itself by how uniquely it addresses that need. Your product needs to be unique and something that people are actually looking for. It doesn’t make any sense to bring a product to market that won’t make an impression or stand out among competitors. To ensure your product makes that necessary impact, you need to consider everything from what it is, who will use it, will you need bespoke protective packaging, to how it will be delivered. This level of detail in understanding and presenting your product can significantly differentiate your offering in a crowded marketplace. So don’t get comfortable with the thought that just because you have a great idea, it will automatically translate into success. It’s crucial to validate your product with your target market, refine based on feedback, and ensure that it truly meets a need in a way that others do not.


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Marketing Strategy

Having a half baked marketing strategy and then “winging it” won’t do anyone any favours. If you’ve done this before, you know better. Get to know your target audience by researching the demographics. Do you have knowledge of your target market or have you communicated your brand as best as you can? Even something as common as your website needs to reflect your business ethos. It needs to also be as attractive as possible. Are you using social media in the correct way? If you are not sure of your appeal as a brand, revert back to the drawing board. In

going back to your product, do you know it inherently enough to advertise it, gaining maximum exposure and custom? If not, why not? Making that marketing strategy water tight is a priority, otherwise products won’t be bought, returns won’t be made and salaries won’t be increased!

Have you got the five cornerstones covered? If not, do some re-evaluation and get to know the business. Doing that will make it grow.



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