How can Twitter make our business fitter?


It would be a tough call to  justify using a strapline such as ‘Twitter makes you fitter!” but that all depends how you interpret the word ‘fitter’ we guess. Yet being alert and ready to react is both a physical and mental process. Having an active presence on Twitter can give you more insight into your brand, your industry and the wider context very easily.


Why is a healthy Twitter presence important?


To run any business is to make a commitment to be dynamic. We all need to be thought leaders and add to the body of knowledge we are currently creating. This epistemology or system of thought must come from those who are agile, flexible, experienced and knowledgeable themselves. It might seem strange to ask the question how can Twitter make our business fitter but it’s worth asking.


We live in a culture of learning  ‘just in time’ rather than ‘just in case’. We are highly motivated learners who choose their own curriculum. This is probably one of the greatest challenges for educational providers at every level.


Business doesn’t not have the time to learn a body of lessons that do not have purpose or cannot be amended to suit specific purposes. We don’t have to rely on text books that are already out of date as they go to print anymore.


This is where, ‘how can Twitter make our business fitter?’ starts to work

We can easily see what is going on in real time. It has shaped news gathering. It is also making entrepreneurs more inquisitive and action-orientated. We can find what we need to prompt new thoughts or discover answers. If the current knowledge set doesn’t answer our questions we can pose them to our followers.


Commissioning studies has become a valid way of developing thought leadership skills and becoming an influencer. No one can say, ‘Oh, this can’t be done.’ The response to that is likely to be : ‘Well, just watch me!’


Twitter is no longer considered the written version of a selfie. In fact those who broadcast solely about what their lives comprise in terms of cappuccinos and self-promotional tweets soon find themselves shunned. Twitter has become a global seat of learning and entrepreneurs should take their place. Use Leadamo Academy’s to answer the question: ‘How can Twitter make our business fitter?


10 ways to make your business fitter by flexing your mental muscles on Twitter


  1. Social Listening is key to success. Choose who you follow carefully so they contribute to your learning. Then listen to what they are saying.
  2. Favourite tweets and take time to go back and read links and articles carefully. Think of it as up to date company research.
  3. Check sources carefully. Use a link as a starting point for methodical research. Twitter might be about rolling news but take time to step back and evaluate before retweeting or acting on what you read.
  4. Consider how you can use Twitter to gain valuable insight about your customers, trends, opinion and response to your industry or brand.
  5. Ask questions. Build responses and information in an organized fashion. Plan your tweets carefully and record the responses. If you fail to gain a response analyse your tweets, ask a professional and redraft.
  6. Use a social media management application that will help you keep lists, alert you to the strength of relationships you are building. An effective platform such as Leadamo will alert you to just what you should be doing on Twitter to keep your brand active.
  7. Take time to explore different topics  related to your field. Don’t always stick to the same people. Join a twitter hangout, see what’s trending and learn how people respond to what is happening around them. This will help you understand business and consumer behaviour.
  8. Don’t ignore local search. Join in with business forums in your area.
  9. Collaborate with strangers in your niche. You will be amazed at just how willing many people can be to reach out. You may be small players but by grouping together you can leverage considerable skills and increase amplification.
  10. Retweet content that will benefit your own community. If everyone sticks to this then shared knowledge will be useful and appropriate. It  can be then be curated into a worthwhile information stream of current content. Keeping you up to date and fit to tweet!





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