The Daily ‘Cognitive Helpers’ Of Your Staff

It’s important to take care of your staff. From their salaries to their benefits, to other considerations you might not think of. You might initially think this could be ample parking space outside the office, relaxed smart casual office attire requirements, and a good sense of business humour to keep people working together in a relaxed and competent manner. You would be absolutely right on all of these counts. However, you would also be missing a vital component of the solid workday.


We are talking about the ‘cognitive helpers’ of your staff. These are unseen, or daily occurences that keep a staff member happy in their role, and willing to bring the best of themselves to their role. This can also help with the atmosphere of your office space. To bring a team together, you need to consider how good work begins. We’d recommend the following for your potential victory in the corporate environment:


Ample Office & Desk Space


If personal space is a thing, then office space is absolutely a thing. It’s important for staff members to feel they have dominion over their space, and that they’re not cramped in cubicles or left hunched over a desk with minimal room. Ideally, a staff member should be given plenty of room to breathe, with massive desk space, the room for two or even three computer monitors, personal effects storage and writing space, as well as some extra room on top of that.


This helps them organize their thoughts when sat down and working, and additionally will allow them to personalize the area. This is incredibly important for their motivation. On top of this, allowing for ample office design can be essential to make this a reality. With firms like Ozone Interiors to help you, you can begin to make these fantastic office layouts a reality from the moment you rent the space, and help you purchase the right furniture to help you do that.




Celebrating is a large and incredibly important aspect of life in a firm. Employees need to know they are valued, and this effort to expose could work will encourage more of it. Rewarding this work is also important, as an employee might also need that extra motivation to proceed and go the extra mile. With a supportive and comforting office atmosphere willing to put colleagues on pedestals, everyone will feel valued and welcome at all times.


Making A Difference


If you can, give your staff an opportunity to make a difference. This might be ensuring your firm only uses low carbon footprint goods, goes green, conducts charity work, or tries to make the world a more friendly and accessible place for all can feel like an excellent step forward. For example, imagine how great those designers at Microsoft felt when they designed an Xbox controller specifically for the disabled to interface with video games once again. Making a difference is often the core of why people are interested in certain careers, and there is almost always a method of implanting that into your working philosophy. Think about this, because it could lead you in wonderful directions.


With these simple tips, cognitively helping your staff in small ways could lead to massive long-term results.


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