The future of trading lies in social media integration

When you’re dealing with market trading, social media may not be your first port of call. But maybe it’s time that changed. Social trading made possible with copyop, has been called the “new frontier” in the investment process.

Social trading, essentially, is the use of social media to follow the trades of industry experts and copy their investments. It allows rookies a shortcut into the market, and market leaders to collaborate and share their expertise.

How it works

For decades before the development of Web 2.0, traders were only able to share their investments through newsletters. With the introduction of email, a new, more efficient means of social trading was made possible. However, it was still a cumbersome process, with traders themselves having to go to extra lengths to share their investments.


Social media introduced the new era of social trading, by allowing live sharing of trades.

Social trading is now quite simple.

  • copyop provides you with details and investments of the top traders.
  • You then choose the traders who best suit you, and choose to follow their activity.
  • Their investments will appear in your live feed, with the simple option to copy their trades.

Why it works: learning the trade

Social trading involves more than simply copying experienced traders. As a rookie, it is a shortcut to becoming an expert yourself. By following the experts, you quickly learn how the markets work, and what constitutes a good investment. Insights they took years to discover are instantly available.


It’s not just for rookies, either. Experts also benefit from collective knowledge. In the past, comparing and gathering information with other traders required you to know and have access to the right people. Now, you have immediate access to their every choice, allowing you to build off and collaborate with each other no matter where or who you are.

Finding like-minded traders

Smart investing does not necessarily mean copying every action done by the most successful traders. Social trading allows you to find traders with similar styles – and interests – to yours.

For example, if you are looking for low-risk investments, you’ll want to copy an expert with an appropriate level of prudence. Additionally, the principles behind trading are varied – there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s in your interests to choose someone whose trading style is consistent with your understanding of the markets.

All the necessary tools accessible through copyop

copyop is the most innovative social trading service. copyop offers automated binary options trading based on human decisions. It’s the easiest way to trade, and the platform is run by a reputable group with years of experience in advanced trading platforms for binary options.


copyop’s HOT traders table gives you access to the most popular traders. Alternatively, you can use your live social feed to judge which traders suit you most. Once you’ve built up your pool of traders, copying their trades is simple and instantaneous.

In case you’re having trouble understanding a trade, or simply facing difficulties deciding your course of action, copyop has a team of professionals available 24/7.

Social trading is without a doubt the future of trading. Get started with copyop today, and become an expert, fast.


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