Spreading the Cost and Helping Good Causes

The growth of voucher codes sites has been rapid in recent years, and from a customer’s point of view, this can only be a good thing. With online shopping still on the rise (and figures predicting this can only continue), bargain hunters are looking for more and more ways to save those precious pounds and retailers are responding in great numbers, both large high street names in the form of Sports Direct voucher codes, and more niche online only sites. But one particular voucher code site has managed to combine the lure of the online bargain with something altogether more altruistic. The site, My Favorite Voucher Codes, has a unique stance of giving 20% of its profits to a different charity every month and this has arguably contributed to its success. So how does this approach work?

A combination of these donations and the way they involve the sites users in the process means that My Favorite Voucher Codes have built up a rapport with its visitors. The charities that receive these donations aren’t just picked at random – the site chooses three different good causes every month (and asks users to nominate any charities they hold close to their heart), and then organizes a poll to decide which cause will be that month’s recipient. This transparency continues with users being informed of the final donation later on, both via social media and on the site’s homepage.

Some may think the current economic climate means people on tight budgets are scrambling to hold onto the little disposable income they do have, but this approach offers a happy medium between the saving of money on essential purchases and giving the customer the opportunity to contribute to a good cause in a more indirect way. But the success of this method has to be built on a basis of doing what a voucher code site does best – offering discounts that customers actually want and making sure those customers know about them. Through sourcing the deals from big names, for example in the form of Argos voucher codes, and then sharing these attractive discounts on Facebook and Twitter, My Favorite Voucher Codes has built up a loyal following. But these high street names have been backed up by offers from smaller, more specialist retailers, something that shouldn’t underestimated.

My Favorite Voucher Codes has managed to find a third way between the attraction of an online bargain and the comforting thought that your purchase is doing some sort of good, somewhere in the world, but the way they communicate this is perhaps just as important as the strategy itself.


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