The Gaudi Tour

Antoni Gaudi was an genious Barcelona architect in the 1900’s. Gaudi was known to use nature as his main source of inspiration. Gaudi is an architectural legend in Barcelona, and seven of his buildings have been declared as World Heritage Sites. If you are interested in seeing Gaudi’s infamous work, then check out this Gaudi tour in Barcelona.

The Gaudi Tour is Barcelona’s premier tour of Gaudi’s most notorius work. During the tour, you will see the Passeig de Gràcia, Casa Batlló, and Sagrada Família. When the Passeig de Gràcia was built, it was geared towards the wealthy, and it remains that status today. Although the Passeig de Gràcia has slightly altered, as time has passed, it still has the same elegance and beauty. Today, you have the option of shopping in the luxury design shops, visit the major banks and the stock exchange, or simply take in the modernist lamp posts and Gaudi’s intricate tile work.

The next site, the Casa Batlló, is one of the most famous buildings, architectural wise, in Europe. The Casa Batlló reflects a tranquil sea and has a refined a sophisticated architectural style. Some of the most notable features in the Casa Batlló are the; façade, flooring, and roof terrace. Also, after touring every inch of the Casa Batlló, be sure to check out the shop.

The last site is the Sagrada Família. It may surprise you that the Sagrada Família is still being built. This unbelievable place, made by Gaudi, features three key points; the outside, the basilica, and the museum. The outside features intricate artwork that features a small portion of Jesus’ life. Then, in the basilica, there are curved columns that resemble trees, and refined technique, which enables light to bounce off every piece of art. Finally, the museum is a studio workshop that demonstrates how Gaudi worked.

The Gaudi Tour is approximately three hours and thirty minutes long, and begins at 9am. It costs 68 euros for adults, and 34 euros for children aged three to twelve. While during the tour you will travel by an air-conditioned private bus, you will walk around each of the monuments. So, you should plan to wear comfortable shoes. Overall, the Gaudi Tour is something you can’t miss while in Barcelona.


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