The Importance of SEO to Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important marketing tool for businesses of any size. A correctly implemented SEO strategy helps businesses to gain visibility online and rank well within the major search engines. Today, before buying products, many potential customers perform searches online. Unless your company has a prominent visibility online, it will succumb to the competition that keeps getting stiffer. For such reason, it’s highly recommended to search for some expert advice. For instance, If you look for an SEO Surrey based specialist, you will find suitable options that will help you take your website to the next level by using different tools while keeping business objectives in mind. Just make sure to choose the right guidance and start adding value to your business.

How SEO Works

It is essential to devise and implement an SEO strategy that is designed to achieve your individual business objectives, facilitating your website to rank prominently within search engine result pages, (also known as SERPs) for the most valuable and relevant phrases relating to your products and services.

A key aspect of any successful SEO campaign is the creation of content that attracts the attention of search engines and is useful to potential customers. The major search engines utilise sophisticated algorithms to ensure that only the highest quality and most relevant content ranks within the prominent positions within their SERPs.

Why SEO is Important

Google and the other major search engines consider an array of factors when deciding the ranking of a site within their SERPs. The content has to be relevant to the questions asked by the users. It also must be trusted to provide value to the readers. If a company gets a good ranking within the SERPs, it has the potential to generate greater traffic to a website.

Research has shown that around 30% of all clicks will be generated by the website that ranks first within the SERPs. This percentage decreases the lower down the first page a website ranks with those ranked in ninth position estimated to generate approximately 2% of the clicks.

With 1.2 trillion searches performed within Google and £133.5 billion spent each year online in the UK, SEO has become an essential marketing tool for UK based businesses. This has resulted in competition getting stronger for the top positions as more businesses implement SEO techniques. However, with the right SEO strategy, you will benefit from improved rankings with the potential to generate additional traffic.

If you are a business looking to succeed, it is essential that you have a robust presence online. It is so important that you enhance your brands visibility online, with the objective of generating high quality, targeted and highly relevant traffic to your website that generates an outstanding ROI.


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