Busting Common Blackjack Myths

As a result of its standing as one of the oldest casino games still in play today Blackjack has become incredibly popular, with it being played not only in casinos, but schools and care homes too. A lot has changed since Miguel De Cervantes first mentioned the game – coined “Ventiuna” – in his short stories and magnum opus “Don Quixote”, but the essential rules of the activity have not, something that can also be said of the myths associated with it.

Because everybody has their own distinct way of playing Blackjack, and most people will also have their own little strategies that they swear by each time they line up against the dealer. But here’s the thing: many of these people don’t really know what they are talking about, and consequently there is a number of common Blackjack myths floating about these days. It is important you realise the truth before you play at Cozino, hence why we have compiled a short article on some of the most famous Blackjack myths.

The Blackjack Dealer Winning/Losing Streak 

Look, we don’t blame gamblers for trying to avoid Blackjack dealers who appear to be on a winning streak – it can definitely make you subconsciously more inclined to pick another table after all. But here’s the thing: whilst a dealer can win or lose consecutively, to attribute this to an inherent advantage or disadvantage is just silly, and will actually hurt you negatively if you stick to it.

Blackjack, like all other casino games, is a game of chance and probability at the very end of the day. So with this in mind a dealer’s apparent winning streak could end at any moment, in fact, the chances of them winning again and again are no different to winning once and then losing. Relegate this myth when you sit down to play!

Illegal Card Counting 

Ever seen the box office smash hit motion picture The Hangover? Whilst trying to win enough money to get their friend back, the character played by Zach Galifianakis indulges in a spot of card counting and is duly thrown out of the casino. This has led many people to believe that card counting is actually illegal, but the thing is it’s a perfectly acceptable strategy.

Okay, it may not be perfectly acceptable, and casinos still reserve the right to throw you out if you are caught, but it certainly is not illegal. The only reason casinos could throw you out is because they, naturally, prefer winning to losing, and card counting is a sure-fire method to make major gains whilst playing Blackjack. 

You Have To Win After Consecutive Losses in Blackjack games

There are countless gamblers who will believe that they are just naturally due a win if they have had a consecutive round of losses, and whilst this may be more true of slot games, it is still something to shy away from when going to the casino. Fate just doesn’t exist ladies and gentleman, nothing happens in casino for a reason, so to think that you are owed a win after a load of losses is just silly.



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