The Importance Of Site Structure

Have you ever thought about the way your website has been structured? If your site was designed by a web developer, then you probably haven’t given this much thought before. However, it could be worth taking a few minutes to review your site structure, especially if you created your website yourself. Generally speaking, a web developer would have ensured your website had an orderly design and structure, but you might not have thought this was important if you did create it on your own.


If you find that your site structure isn’t that great, and it is difficult to find certain pieces of content or some pages, you should think about redesigning it all. Here are a few reasons why the overall structure of your site is so important.


It Allows For Future Growth


Poor structure can lead to websites becoming cluttered. There could be pages all over, and new content could quickly be covering up older pieces. When your website is like this, it will be very difficult to grow it in an orderly fashion. It really pays off to utilize a neat structure, so that all of your new pages are placed in a logical order and don’t end up lost with a lot of old content. Not only will you lose content, but your web users won’t be able to find what they are looking for either.


Good Structure Means Good SEO

Brilliant site structure is also essential for your website’s SEO. This is one thing that Google uses to rank all of the websites that come up in search results, so if your site structure is quite poor, you will find that your site continually comes out bottom of the pack. If you struggle with this, an SEO management team from a reliable marketing agency will be able to help you out. Most of these agencies also offer services that can improve website structures as well.

It Stops Your Content Competing Against Itself


If you have really bad site structure, all of your pages will be competing with each other for the top spots in Google’s search results. This won’t be the case once you do roll out a better structure, as it gives you the chance to order all of your pages in importance. Once you’ve done that, Google will then see which are the most important websites and will then know to rank them higher than the others.


It Helps Improve UX


I’m sure that all of your customers who regularly visit your website will also thank you if you improve your website structure. It will really improve the UX for the whole site as particular pieces of content and information will be a lot easier for them to find. Many companies find that the better their site UX is, then the more likely they are to convert leads into sales online.


So, if you think that it’s time you overhauled your website’s structure, this blog post should have shown you that now definitely is the time to do so!



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