The Importance Of Web Design: What Your Site Says About You

Websites are often how we get our first impressions of a business. An outdated or poorly designed website can make or break a business. What does your website say about you? Here is a deep dive into some of the elements of a business website and how they can be shaped to boost success rather than hinder growth.

First Impressions On The Internet
Your website will often be how potential and existing customers get their first impression of your, your brand, and your company. Your website needs to be engaging, attractive, and functional. If links lead to dead ends or pages ‘under construction’ you will not appear to be professional and capable even if you provide consistent quality service in person.

When designing your website, or if you are considering upgrading your existing site, get some help from experienced professional web designers that understand customer expectations. Made Simple Media is a Web Design firm in Crawley that offers a full web design package that can give your business an edge over the competition. They support you from the planning phase right the way to producing your site and continue to support you as your website grows.

Content Is King
It is not enough to simply have an attractive looking website, the media you offer visitors needs to be engaging and authoritative and offer value to consumers. Content, whether a blog article, embedded video, or meme, needs to provide visitors with useful information and ideas that demonstrate you understand their perspectives. With engaging content on your site you are giving potential consumers and existing customers something they can utilise without commitment.

Think of content as a free sample. Content creates an opportunity for consumers to get to know you and your company. By offering valuable content you are showing that your business can offer value too and deliver on expectations. It also creates a reason for people to keep coming back to your site. All these views will increase your opportunities to turn an inquiry into a sale.

Communicate Your Identity
Whether you operate in eCommerce, business to business, or any other area, your website is an opportunity to say something about who you are and what you do. It helps you create an identity and a brand that consumers can engage with and begin a relationship with. Your website is a stage where you can put your business under the spotlight and give it the attention it deserves.

You need to use your website as an opportunity to express your values and your vision, and to extoll the virtues of your brand. The iconography, images, data, and written content you use on your site should all form a part of your brand identity, and communicate your ideals. It is up to you to constantly maintain your site and ensure that each element contributes to the identity and brand you are trying to create.

If you have a website for your business or one that promotes your personal services you should invest in quality web design and content, and ensure it is easy to use and consistently functional. Your website should drive sales and interest, and not act as a roadblock to your success.


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