The Most Famous Casino Cheaters

We watch movies where teams of people get together in a mastermind plan to steal millions from casinos and casino masterminds count cards and walk away with astronomical amounts of cash from Vegas casinos. But in reality, it’s not all glitz and glam, but there have been some notorious casino cheats in the past and it’s all real life, there are no cheaters paying out a part behind the lens of a camera. In fact, you may even recognize some of these names as they are, after all, the most famous casino cheaters to go down in history. However, it is safer to play now at 666 Casino and some online casino sites than in earlier years!

Tommy Glenn Carmichael – Slot Machines

This notorious slot cheat was so talented at what he did, he has since become famous. Despite having spent time in prison, Carmichael has proven he can beat the system no matter the circumstances that was until slot machines began to be manufactured differently. The expert slots player began cheating casino slot games back in the 80s when he was found out. How he did it no one knows but the famed cheater would insert a coin into the machines and they would payout.

It wasn’t until casinos began upgrading their equipment that his device didn’t work. He then targeted smaller casinos playing on older machines. This is when he was caught and sentenced to serve 5 years for the theft.

Richard Marcus – Table Games

The famous author told his tales as living as a casino cheat. He was never caught. Marcus relived his adventures through his writing as he exposed himself as a cheater and dubbed his method of cheating as ‘Savannah’, a method that requires some general skill. His skill had him removing chips from losing bets without anyone seeing and adding to the pile if it was winning.

Ida Summers

The Vegas Vixen, as some might know her as, made history in the 60s while she worked the blackjack tables in Vegas. She cheated the tables by using hand movement tricks to add to cards or remove cards from the deck which eventually progressed into adding whole decks of cards without being noticed. The Vegas Vixen was eventually caught and the whole ordeal attracted an FBI investigation. Summers wasn’t arrested however, she made it out on probation and made history in doing so.

Monique Laurent

One of the most bizarre tales in history includes Monique Laurent and her squad of friends and family who aided and abetted the French woman in her casino cheating escapades. The famous cheat managed to steal $1 million playing the roulette tables at the Deauville Casino in the early 70s.

The roulette dealer was in on the trick and there was a piece of equipment that was the tampered with, the roulette ball. This powerful and far advanced technology allowed for receiving radio signals.

As you can see, there have been some memorable moments in history made by some very brave casino cheaters. But if you note the dates, you will see that as technology progresses it becomes harder and harder to cheat casinos.


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