What’s Going Wrong With Your Exhibition Stand?

When you have an exhibition stand, it must send the right message to people. First impressions indeed count, and while you might have the right attitude and give off the right vibes, what’s going wrong if people aren’t visiting your exhibition stand? Here are a few reasons that could show you where you are going wrong:

Your stand design isn’t up to scratch

One thing you will learn in business is that you can’t be an expert at everything. Sure, you might sell kick-ass products, and you may also offer excellent customer service to your customers.

But, if your exhibition stand design skills leave something to be desired, you’re probably not giving a good first impression to exhibition visitors.

With that in mind, it makes sense to give up and get some help from exhibition stand designers. They are professionals in their field, just like you are in your industry. Their job is to help you sell your brand to potential clients at exhibitions. They achieve that goal with fresh, appealing and enticing exhibition stand design.

Your stand is in a terrible location

You might have the best-looking stand in the entire exhibition. The thing is, that doesn’t mean a thing if nobody even knows you are there! One of the problems with exhibition venues is that some people, unfortunately, end up with a stand space that will see little foot traffic going past it.

Before you book a stand, you must scrutinise the layout of all stands. That way, you can work out which location will be the most suitable for your stand. Don’t let the venue organisers decide where you will go; it’s up to you to tell them where you want your stand. After all; you are technically their customer and paying them a lot of money to be there!

You don’t have access to electricity and WiFi

Did you know that many venues only provide access to electrical sockets and WiFi Internet access if you pay extra for them? As harsh as it sounds, that happens more than you care to think at venues all over the world.

As you can appreciate, life is so much easier if you can connect your electrical items to a nearby wall socket. And things would be better still if you can use their WiFi Internet access instead of struggling to get a mobile data connection!

When you receive the booking form for the venue, study the details and find out what’s included in the standard booking price.

You can’t demonstrate your products

Last, but not least, if your brand sells physical products, and they are small enough to go on display at your stand, you need to demonstrate them. Visitors to your exhibition stand don’t want to simply look at posters or even animated presentations on your laptop!

If it’s possible to do so, show off your products to keen and interested visitors. You never know who they are; they could well be buyers or distributors looking for new products to add to their range!


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